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Hello everyoneWelcome to Emilee's kitchen 欢迎再次来到爱米丽厨房 Today I am sharing with you a very famous dish in Malaysia and Indonesia which is ayam rendang

今天想要分享在马来西亚和印尼一道很出名的鸡肉 Also called chicken rendang 叫仁当鸡 There are a few different version of chicken rendang available 仁当鸡的做法有很多种 But the one I'm sharing today is M'sia Nyonya style 今天要做的是马来西亚,峇峇和娘惹的菜式 Rendang is also one of the side dishes of nasi lemak 在马来西亚的椰浆饭里面你也会看到仁当鸡 Nasi lemak? 椰浆饭?(有人称辣死你妈, 哈哈) YES!! Remember to subscribe to my channel, Emilee's Kitchen 是的。喜欢的话,关注我的频道 because i'm going to share with you the recipes of nasi lemak in the next episode 因为在下一集,我将会和大家分享椰浆饭。 Chicken rendang is a type of curry, a mouth-watering chicken curry 仁当鸡就是一种的咖喱,一个让人流口水的咖喱鸡 and it is full of flavors 非常入味的咖喱鸡 Today I'm going to use 16 ingredients to make our chicken rendang

今天的仁当鸡,我需要用到16种材料 First we need to remove the seeds of the dried chilies 首先,把干辣椒的种子去了 I prefer to use this big red chillies because it is less spicy 我喜欢用大的干辣椒,因为比较不会辣 If you prefer more spiciness in your chicken rendang, you can use smaller chillies 如果你想要辣一点,就用小条的辣椒 Next we are going to add all these dried chilies into a boiling water 然后把干辣椒放进滚水里 and let it soak and boil for 10-15 min 滚个10-15分钟 Next we are going to blend the cumin, fennel and coriander

然后我们要来磨芫荽子,孜然,茴香 I will be using a mortar to blend it 我会用磨来把它所有香料弄成分, because from my past experience 因为根据我的经验 it doesn't work very well using a blender 搅拌机不能打得太细。(大概也是因为分量少的关系) The tips of using this mortar is to grind all the ingredients in a circular motion 研磨,就像这样,同一个分向,打圈的方式 Make sure you grind them into a very fine powder 记得要弄成粉 Another important ingredients of our chicken rendang is Kerisik 另一个重要的材料就是椰丝。 To make the kerisik, I will use the store bought desiccated coconut 我去店里买了一包椰丝(因为我找不到新鲜的) and I'm going to fry in a pan

然后放进锅里,把它炒一下 When it turns golden brown that means our kerisik is done 炒成金黄色,就可以用了 Here is the 5tbsp of desiccated coconut 这里我用了5大匙的椰丝 Just keep stir fry the desiccated coconut 就一直不停的翻炒 when it turns brown like this, our kerisik is done 成金黄色,就好了 This is the galangal if you don't know what it is 这个是南姜。 It is a type of ginger but it has more of the sweetness flavour

属于姜的一种 Add a little bit of water so that it is easy to blend 加一点水,这样比较能够搅拌,太干的话搅不动 We don't have to blend the lemongrass 香茅呢,就不用切碎了 Just smash it so that the flavors can infused into our chicken rendang 只要把它打扁就可以了 To cook chicken rendang we need to use lots of oil 煮仁当鸡,我们需要大量的油,否则香料的味道是炒不出来的 Add in the powder that we grind earlier

加入刚才磨好的香料 Lemongrass 香茅 Approx 15 to 20 min, you can start smelling all the spices aroma 15-20分钟后,你就可以闻到很香的味道了 and you can see all the oil started to split from the spices 香料的油也渐渐的被逼出来了 And we can now add in the chicken 这时候可以加入鸡块 Woow it smells so good

哇,好香啊 I'm going to cover it and let it simmer and we'll come back after 10 min 翻炒一下,就把它盖起来,焖一会儿,大概10分钟 Now we can add the coconut milk 然后倒入椰浆 (我们这里也没有新鲜的椰浆) and kerisik that we prepared earlier 还有刚才炒好的椰丝 Give another quick stir fry 再快速的翻炒一下 Cover and let it simmer again 再盖起来,焖一下 If it is too dry, add a little bit of water to prevent burning 途中如果觉得太干的话,可以加一点水。一点点就好了 Look at our beautiful chicken rendang

你看我们的仁当鸡,看起来就很好吃 It is almost cook and we are going to add the palm sugar, a little bit of salt to taste 这个鸡肉快要熟了,加40克的椰糖和盐来调味 This is tamarind 这个是罗望子 I'm going to add a little bit of hot water 加一点热水, and then just try to squeeze and add 1tbsp of tamarind water 挤出罗望子的水 Or 2 tbsp if you prefer it to be a bit sourness 加入1-2大匙的罗望子水,调味 Last we are going to add the kaffir lime leaves 最后加入泰式柠檬叶 This kaffir lime leaves will give the chicken rendang a very special flavour

这个泰式柠檬叶会给我们的仁当鸡一个特别的味道 Finally I can sit down and enjoy my chicken rendang 终于,我可以坐下来享受我的仁当鸡了 Well guys I know it is a lot of work but trust me 朋友们,我知道这看起来很多工 It's worth the time and energy 但是它好吃的程度,会让你觉得一切都值得。尤其在国外,你很难会吃到正宗的仁当鸡 I can't wait to try it 我已经等不及了 Chicken rendang definitely best to come with rice 白米饭是绝对必须要的 mmm so good

so nice 嗯嗯。。。 太好吃了 It is full of flavors

非常非常的入味 Remember we had used 16 ingredients to make this chicken rendang 因为我们用了16种材料呀! This is definitely one of the most delicious and classical dish in Southeast Asia 仁当鸡可以说是我们东南亚一道非常出名,道地的一道美食 It is a must try 真的,必须试一下 I will see you next time Remember, with nasi lemak in the next episode

我们下期不见不散。记得咯,下集是我们马来西亚的名菜 – 椰浆饭! It has already become one of my signature dish 🙂 椰浆饭已经是其中一个我的拿手菜了。不骗你,真的好吃。 see you bye bye 拜拜

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