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welcome back to pinoy planet today I will make coca-cola chicken let's start okay so let's start by marinating the chicken I'm using chicken legs ginger, garlic and some other ingredients that I will be showing you We are using this bowl

okay so first let's chop the ginger or luya in fine slices so the marinadeI recommend at least one hour to marinate the chicken if you have the time best is to marinate it overnight so today I will marinate for several hours so we're also chopping up some cloves of garlic I'm using five cloves today for four chicken legs and we gonna chop it up very fine okay so we're gonna use four chicken legs there we go I'm gonna add the ginger and also the garlic okay so we're gonna use a good amount of black pepper oil this will help with getting more flavor next will be the juice of half a lemon bit of himalaya salt not too much because we're gonna use soy sauce as well next is soy sauce and finally of course the coca-cola guys this is the marinade I will massage it in and then we're gonna leave it for several hours and we'll be back see you soon OK the chicken has been marinated for several hours so in the mean-time I chopped up some onions let's add the chicken legs while the chicken is getting nice crispy golden-brown we're gonna add the rest of the marinade some extra salt lemon we gonna cover this, reduce the heat leave it on for about 30 to 45 minutes or so it has been 20 minutes so I'm gonna add a little bit more coca cola then we cover it and wait for another 20 minutes I'm going to add a bit of corn starch to the sauce this will make the sauce really nice and thick it's time for plating guys so I got some nice white rice, chicken then it's time to add the sauce nice thick sauce okay guys there it is coca-cola chicken so thank you so much for watching please subscribe to PINOY PLANET and looking forward to cooking more Filipino food

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New Cookery Recipes
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