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How to: cook Creamy Garlic Tuscan Salmon (spinach parmesan salmon). Quick and easy! || bunnysteffy



Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel If you’re new here, I’m Stefanie

And for those who are returning, thank you for watching again And today, I’m gonna be teaching you how to cook Creamy Parmesan Spinach Salmon So since me and my friend, skinnyindian who’s taking the video right now [skinnyindian] Hi guys! Both of us are trying to eat clean so we’re not gonna add any carbs to this dish But if you do like, you can have pasta or rice with it

So without further ado, lets go to cooking! Always remember to do uh seasoning on both sides of the salmon so you won’t have a hard time when cooking later and it would still taste nice Okay? Okay *If you feel like your pan is hot enough, you add your oil Oh sh*t not yet ready! Oh well Woops! I forgot to tell you guys

When you cook salmon, you look at the side, once you see that it’s cooked half way, that’s when you flip But I accidentally flipped the other one thinking that it was half way Don't do that Okay? So a hack that I would usually like to use is garlic powder So that it doesn’t smell bad after

It will sizzle, just let it be So garlic powder guys! No, not the real packaging but garlic powder! Now you wanna cook the rest The rest of the food So this is where your butter comes in You try to melt your butter So now you wanna add your garlic Then your onions

So the next step, you’re gonna add your spinach So since I’m using uh frozen ones, I’m gonna just add the The whole bunch in I would suggest you use a lot of spinach because after cooking spinach it kinda shrinks(?) so use a lot

So I’m just gonna try and melt this Once this is melted we can add our tomatoooo Now you’re gonna add your tomatoes Oh! I forgot to mention earlier, uhm when you use your sun-dried tomatoes, make sure that all the drainall the oil is drained out

Okay? People usually use half and halfs here but I was too lazy to make a half and half, so we will just do the manual way Put in your cream I know, use a spoon, don’t tell me And your milk Yay! Instant half and half

So for those of you who likes this recipe to be a little bit thicker in consistency, you can actually use cornstarch mixed with a tablespoon of water and then put it in Okay? So around this time, you’ll want to add your parmesan cheese and you just put a lot I will give you the measurements later but A LOT A lot A LOT! [skinnyindian] And we’re still going

and going and going! Okay that should be fine That’s like half of the container

[skinnyindian] How much is too much? The parmesan cheese actually helps in thickening your sauce Which is why I put a lot Do you like cheese? [skinnyindian] Who doesn’t like cheese?! I know right?! This time, we can add back our salmon Isn’t it pretty guys? And there we have it! It's not the prettiest looking plate but I hope we like it I hope it’s good

Let’s go! So we're gonna try it Since I cooked this myself, I’m gonna say it’s good [skinnyindian] You're a genius! I’m a genius! Just to let you guys know, it's my first time cooking this Now I want to see if my friend likes it Skinnyindian

She doesn't want her face in so let's just do her plate [skinnyindian] It’s so creamy I love it! Don’t disturb us guys There you have it It's a success! I hope you would try this recipe out and then cook one for yourselves as well

If you liked this video, please give me a thumbs up! Subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you on the next video Bye!

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New Cookery Recipes
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