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How to cook crispy battered fish and chips with King threadfin



Today we caught Blue Treadfin which is sort of salmon This one was pretty big That's why took so long time to cut the fillets

I did more than 10 times fast forward to this video XD Cut the fillets for cook the fish and chips So, let's start to cook the fish and chips! When you go to order the fish and chips at the restaurant, They ask you that Batter, Grill or Batter? We like to eat as batter, so today we cook battered fish! Put the plain flour to two different dishes Put the little bit of salt and pepper and mixed well Also put baking powder And cracked an egg in to the batter bowl

stir it Put the sparkling warter, then will be more crispy battered 🙂 Now pour the oil in to the pot We have left over oil so mix with new oil and use them together If you need, pour more water or sparkling water Stop stir and put the fish Jacob

Check the temperature with wooden chopstick Covered the flour first And then put in to the batter

Finally put in to the oil! Another one also covered flour first Put in to the batter, too Make 5 minutes timer When I'm cooking, I turst my sense, but Jacob always use timer That's why he cooks well? Literally huge fish

LOL Finished cooking!

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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