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How to cook Crispy Lechon Kawali



Hello, today we're going to cook lechon kawali Lechon kawalli is a deep-fried pork to describe in the simplest way

The ingredients are very simple you can easily find in your kitchen Ground pepper, bay leaf, vinegar, and salt There are two process involved in cooking lechon kawali First is boiling with ground pepper, salt, and bay leaf This process is necessary without boiling you will get a different outcome

During this step it is necessary that the pork gets really tender Give it at least a good 30 minutes for boiling After boiling let the water drip while it is cooling down Poke the pork skin with a fork so that existing water inside the meat will come out and when we are putting salt later it will be easily absorbed I also put a square cuts on top of the pork belly only on the skin part

Don't go beyond the fat part It's good to have cuts in here right now because when it is cooked it will be easier to follow the lines when cutting After cutting pour the vinegar and sprinkle a good amount of salt The cuts on top is also good in absorbing those ingredients easily Air dry it for about 3 to 5 hours

This is the texture of freshly boiled and air dried you can easily distinguish from those two pictures the fresh boiled and air-dried The second process of cooking lechon kawali is deep-frying but today I'm going to use the oven Grill at 375 for 30 minutes then turn the other side grill the same way 30 minutes at 375 degrees This is lechon kawali looks like after an hour in the oven, it is so nice and crispy You can hear the crackling sound of the pork skin while cutting

This is what I was saying a while ago while we are preparing putting square cuts on the pork skin while preparing it gives you a cutting guide when you are done cooking from the oven When serving, it's good to have a spiced vinegar on the side If you want to know how to make spiced vinegar you can check out on my other videos about making a spiced vinegar If you like this recipe please don't forget to subscribe till next time, let's make cooking fun and enjoyable

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New Cookery Recipes
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