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How to cook Curry Chicken Wings



Hey, guys in this video I'm going to show you a very delicious dish with the most homemade ingredient the chicken wings Stay tuned and welcome to Momo Amazing food First I prepare some fresh soybean yeah Then I chop each wing into two pieces Put the chicken wing in a bowl and add some cold water Yeah to wash the wings and soak out the blood on the chicken just like this We need to change the cold water at least two times until there is no blood at all then prepare some ginger add the ginger into the bowl we need some salt and some sugar Then some light soy sauce Then add some oyster sauce we also need some starch for marinating Then add some secret curry paste You can check out the recipe of the curry paste in my next video or click the info card up here Yeah now it's time to give the chicken wings A wonderful massage with a hand and mix them well Adding a few drops of oil to lock the moisture will be perfect Wrap up the bowl and set still in the fridge for four hours now it's time to cook the chicken wings First, I add some oil in a pan then put all the chicken wings on the pan turn on the heat and with low heat fry one side a little bit yeah When you see a nice brown yellow color on the skin is time to flip also, fry the other side a little bit then the chicken is almost medium well to enhance the flavor I use some oil in the pan to fry some extra curry powder Yeah Em~! The curry flavor is so good yeah And then mix the sauce and the chicken, evenly Yeah Now it's time to add the fresh soybeans And don't waste the base source when marinated the chicken wings Use some water get it out and pour into the pan then add some water and covered with the lid noise noise noise noise noise Simmer about five minutes and take the lid away and turn up the heat to reduce source until the sauce turned thick and stick to the chicken wings and soybeans evenly

Now, it's ready to serve Wow~, this stir fried curry chicken wings is so amazing The chicken is soft and tender by the soybeans is a little bit crunchy And the curry smells so fragrant it's easy to cook and you should give a try The recipe is in the description below If you like this video don't forget subscribe to me and give me a thumbs up Bon Appetite! And see you next time

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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