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How to cook Daliya (broken wheat) phena bhaat, good for weight loss- Dada Boudi Vlog-19



Daliya or the broken wheat take 300 grms of daliya add 500 ml water, soak for 30 mins peel of some potatoes cut them into slices drain of the water transfer the daliya into the vessel chosen for cooking add water till it reaches 1 inch height above the daliya add the potatoes or any vegetable of your choice add salt to taste cover the vessel with lid put it on the gas stove and start cooking for another 20-30 minutes till the daliya and potatoes softens make a thick consistency of the whole matter now the daliya is ready to serve serve it hot with a spoonful of ghee or butter green chilies enrich its delicacy with boiled eggs onion slices daliyar phena bhaat is ready to eat Daliya is a highly nutritious food filled with dietary fibres It can be cooked with water as we have made it is boiled daliya or daliyar phena bhaat, can be cooked with lentils in the form of khichdi or khichuri and even with milk as daliye kheer or payesh

It can be an ideal breakfast lunch or dinner Recipe The other two techniques if cooking daliya will be seen in our upcoming videos Till then have a good time

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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