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How To Cook Delicious Original Gyros



Adding Nutmeg Red Paprika Basil Pepper Thyme Cinnamon Corriander Roman Cumin Oregano Parsley Salt Mix them together Put it in a bowl Add Olive Oil Add Balsamic Vinegar Mix it Add some Garlic Soak the Pork Get the Grill ready After a few hour in the fridge put the Pork on the Grill File the Cucumber for the Tzatziki Add Salt and Garlic Lemon juice Mix it Get the Pork off the Grill File the Carrot File the Smoked Cheese Pour the juice off Add Greek Yoghurt and mix it well Add Dill Add Mayonaisse and Honey to the bowl and mix it Prepare your Gyros Pita Tirokafteri Pork Smoked Cheese Carrot Salad Tomato and Onion French Fries Tzatziki Enjoy your meal

Source: Youtube

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