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How to cook delicious rice おいしいごはんの炊き方



Today I will cook 3 rice rice First weigh accurately with a measuring cup and add 3 I will put it here

1 2 3 First of all, put water in vigorously, stir lightly And I immediately throw out the water Add water again, stir gently I will also throw away the water again And I will wash rice as it sounds shakashaka At this time, while paying attention so as not to break the rice grain Let's stir about 20 times with your fingertips And put water again, let's rinse twice In the case of new rice, this is the end Since rice used this time has been about 2 weeks from milled rice, let's stir it about 10 more times Then put water again and throw it away twice

Rice sharpening has ended Then put the rice in the inner kiln of the rice cooker Let's add water to an appropriate amount If it is rigid rice, please put the water less than 3 scale as you like If you want to make soft rice, please put a little more water on the scale Let's cook it in a rice cooker Then press "cooking" button and wait for about 44 minutes

44 minutes have passed Please look It is shiny When mixing rice, first put a letter in a cross And we will turn gently over so as not to crush rice grains Finally gently raise it in a cup I'm cooked with delicious rice Please try by all means

Source: Youtube

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