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How To Cook Dried White Beans aka Cannellini Beans 6 Ways | Lou's Redos



Hi, Rachel, it's Lou from Staten Island, welcoming you back into my kitchen for one of Lou's Redo's Today's focus is going to be white beans

But not any white beans, dried white beans, oh, dried beans in general actually Everything today is gluten-free Now you could also make it vegetarian You're gonna eat it, make it the way you want End of story

Most everybody's gonna know the pasta fazool So we're gonna start with the basic ingredients to do that We're gonna put some, olive oil You know how I feel about using garlic in a recipe If a recipe calls for one clove of garlic, use two, calls for two, use four

If a recipe doesn't have garlic, put one in anyway And here we go, love the sound of the sizzle 'Bout three stalks of celery, cut up (pan sizzles) bring in the bowl, we're also going to add the pancetta We're gonna dump the soaked white beans right in

I vacuum sealed the sauce There ya go There we go So you take the piece, you throw it right in You cut the top off and you reseal it, that's what this one is

The chicken stock starts with four to six ounces as you move along, if you wanted it a little more liquidy, add the liquid, duh! This is what it looks like Okay, so now, we are gonna take that and we are gonna make a couple of extra dishes So had some escarole left over So we're going to heat up the escarole We're going to add some of this into here and you've just made escarole and beans

It is absolutely delicious A little bit of cheese, you're good to go I added this dish to the menu as an appetizer It's shrimp and white beans Some shrimp, and a little bit of garlic obviously

Shrimp takes minutes (spoon scrapes) (jazz music) Shrimp and white beans Now, I'm going to show you, traditional pasta fazool I do not add pasta to a lot of my dishes This is pasta that was left over

It was actually rigatoni that was left over I cut 'em down, I made them little bit smaller You could run it over hot water, it does (burps), 'scuse me, so many different things you could do So that's enough (relaxed music) Folks, pasta fazool

Cheese, a little parsely, voilà! One of the things that I mention that I like is I like doing black beans with chorizo With crackers, the black bean, dipping, putting the chorizo, and a piece of cheese, and eat it as a snack This is what's left (guitar music) I've never done this before this way So if I screw it up, please bear with me

Let's see if this is gonna work Beautiful! Okay (laughs) Basically, you now have, a black and white– Fazool Fazool In my house, there's always a jar with olive oil and garlic

I'm just gonna use, a splash of the garlic oil, the two sausage I have left I'm sorry, okay! (laughs) I was hungry It's all good (pan sizzles) (spoon scrapes) So here's five different dishes made from the base sauce Stay well, and 'til next time, good cooking

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