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Welcome to barbecue food for you the backyard barbecue show I'm Jason King today I'm going to be showing everyone step by step instructions how to cook smoky sweet sticky fall off the bone ribs at home for your family and friends to enjoy Let's get started If you like this recipe information and content I've created over a hundred and fifty new original Original recipes that I am looking to get done, but I need some held side help The fridge is empty the wind blew the shingles off my roof

So all the funds are going towards that this summer season So I don't have much to barbecue If you want to see more content Please pop over to my web page and help donate So I can create more the ribs I'm gonna be cooking today are Fletcher's pork side ribs straight from Walmart Nothing fancy out of the package these ribs are looking pretty good flip them over and check the bottom side Now when we slip this Top piece in that they trim off Sometimes it's really good

Sometimes it's a dud But this one looks pretty good Lots of good meat in here And for the bottom side, this is actually a pretty good rack of ribs here straight out of the package going to just trim this up a little bit and clean it up and Square this off to trim this up Just going to use a nice sharp little fishing knife this doesn't really even need to be trimmed just Make it nice and even Now! Here you're gonna want to feel for your bones you actually feel where your bones go and The meat gets pretty thin in here You can see it fins out so this whole ends gonna cook a little bit quicker, so You find out where the bone is You can feel it with your finger and Just go off to the side of it

Just trim it straight For a binder to help the rub stick to the meat I'm gonna be using peanut oil it's gonna brush on a very light coating Getting both sides and the edges To season the ribs I'll be using Weber's Kansas City barbeque rub Available at most local grocery stores So everyone can find it and it's great for barbecue If you see a bottle give it a try To season the ribs sprinkle some of the rub on then just gently rub it around and press it in with your hand Making a nice even coating Across the entire surface I like to start on the bottom side of the ribs Flip it over These are looking like a nice rack of ribs already And just give this side a good coating And do a first light coat rub it in So here's a peek after the first coating of rub seasoning put on I'm gonna let this sit for about 10 minutes and then place another coating directly on top Here's a quick dry buy the rub on the ribs, so you guys can check it out This was just put on so it still needs a bit of time but the moisture from the meat Will start getting it wet and it will start looking more like that on the corner there Once it gets all shiny like that We'll go get them on the barbecue Get them cooking away Mmm, you get your barbecue set up It's real easy Place the charcoal on the outside edge in a seed pattern about 4 to 5 inches high Just underneath where the grade sits on the barbecue to get the charcoal fired up

I'll be using one of the Weber lighter cubes No fussing around with lighter fluid or charcoal chimneys for an added smoky flavor I placed Applewood chips on the top of the charcoal at the beginning of the burn Smoke sticks best to your meat when it's cold and wet so simply get this fired up Place a couple pieces right above the hot fire Just get it going a little quicker Then simply place the cooking grate on And this is a Water bowl just from the dollar store Stainless steel water bowl filled with about three cups of water I'm going to place that directly over the fire So it gets nice boiling hot and steaming Barbecues all set place the lid on once The charcoal gets lit and just got the ribs on I'm gonna hit start on here So we got a stopwatch temperature drops quite a bit, but that's because the lids off now I'm putting the trim piece on the outside here because the heat will actually cook more on the outside of your barbecue and The rack of ribs is in the middle Looking fantastic Check that rub mmm Once it heats up turns into an iceberg that's gonna be some delicious eats And this piece is gonna cook a little quick had to get it over the coals a little bit But that will be a chef's snack

So get the lid on Everything's ready to go after 34 minutes Let's take a peek See how the ribs are doing Well, these are looking good check that out Nice drive by Hmm so these are looking spectacular cooking away Temperatures sitting just under 300 degrees So get the lid back on let him keep cooking I'll push the water bowl over a bit You can see it's gone down about an inch

It was that that ring about an inch higher And that's to add moisture to the cooking environment Keep your food nice and juicy after one hour in seven minutes Let's take a peek Everything's looking good get nice and close So everyone can check the ribs out and see that rubs cooking nice camel izing and Smells even better Got that Applewood smoking away Twist up the ribs on the grate a little bit and move the bowl over and that's all you got to do Get the lid back on after one hour in 35 minutes The ribs are looking good And I've had the lid open a little too long here So the heat is kicking up But we got a nice bark on these and it's time to get them off and get them wrapped up So Gently take them off without messing up the bark too much I'll take the trimmings off as well And this little Chef's snack is ready to chew on for me YUM Here's a peek of the ribs inside after an hour and a half You can see we've got a nice bark from that rub on the outside of the pork ribs The actual meat is pulling back a little bit on the bones So everything is looking really good Now that we got a good bark on the outside of our ribs with the seasoning the smoke and all that tasty meat goodness It's time to wrap them up in some aluminum foil

This is heavy-duty aluminum foil It's a little bit longer most of times standard racks of ribs fit right in it And what you're gonna do just make a little square just add about a quarter to half a cup of water to the bottom just Until you see it going all the way across the bottom here so that's good right on half a cup And then just slowly start wrapping up your ribs into a tight little package here With two layers to be safe that you have no leaks So the first one just do kind of loose I Guess second piece here is a little loud It's not too nice her video Again so this is the top This is the loose end We want the water to stay in the bottom So keep the bottom on the bottom side down Fold it over and then fold it back over to the top Again with these ends Fold it over and back over to the top So now we got our ribs in here a nice tight foil package with half a cup of water We're gonna place this back on the barbecue I put some more charcoal back on to the barbecue just to keep the line extending So you can see the heat will just keep going down the line of charcoal here 153 here So get the lid on let these keep cooking away

Just hit the three hour mark on the timer here barbecue sitting at 315 degrees let's pop the lid open and take a peek Really? Not much to look at here a couple balls of tinfoil, but time to get them off and get these ribs unwrapped After three hours and 31 minutes It's time to get the sauce on today I'm gonna be using Diane's Gourmet, rib and chicken sauce take a peek at the ribs you Can see starting to get a nice bark again The outsides starting to dry up from braising them It's still nice and tender Real soft So now Everything's looking good We got the ribs pulling back Almost an inch

So it's time to get the sauce on Start by flipping them over and always like sauce on the bottom first I Mean that's looking really good Neighbor likes to cut his lawn every two days Give it a nice good coating Flip it over again get rate under it Make sure you hold them really good and they might fall apart Just flip it quick and gentle And get a nice layer on the top Then we'll come back in for a second one once this sets up and gets nice and sticky A little trick too is to heat your barbecue sauce up Before putting it on the ribs so It flows on nice and smooth and won't give you those big thick brush marks if you ever try putting on cold barbecue sauce Usually get a whole bunch of streaks and your ribs doesn't really look the best So these are looking good get the trim piece here a good amount of sauce Get the lid on let these thicken up for about ten minutes After ten minutes, here's a quick peek sauce is starting to set up and get nice and thick and These ribs are starting to look great Time for another coat of sauce and they're almost done for The last coating the sauce is just going to do the top give it a nice even coating Get that too And just spread it out Making sure to get all the sides And you don't want any pools, so just nice and even all the top all the sides And get the trim piece back here this is looking really good as well rip that apart Fire is getting a little close over here So just move the ribs over a bit Well, these are real soft Get the lid on and we'll pull them off in another ten minutes Sitting just under four hours on the timer Temp spiked up to 331 but everything is ready to go Here's a peek Set the lid down Check these ribs out

Mmm get nice and close in there I Show the lights looking right Come over here Take a better peek Nice caramelized sauce That rub is looking good Perfect Perfect time to get him off got the heat spiking up a little bit with all the coals building up here Don't want the sauce to burn the sugars in the sauce will burn if you get too hot

So now it's perfect Get your tongs or spatulas right underneath it As much as you can trying to hold it up and Slowly take it off There's a peek at the ribs inside under the light Hard to see the barbecue, sometimes you get a little ways away And everything looks real dark like this Yeah But you get up close and a nice light You can see it's all nice and red Little tips of the sauce on the end of the bones get a little burnt, but other than that everything's looking fantastic Now an easy way to cut up the ribs is by flipping them over You can see where all the bones are running and exactly where the meat is Sometimes the bones are curved So this gives you a good visual makes it real easy to cut nice ribs Without hitting the bones you in order to see pieces of meat on these they're starting to fall apart These are looking fantastic nice and juicy Just falling off the bone See if we'll pull on a bone here and what happens holding just pulled apart Good stuff the real test Mmm Now bite like that Honestly, it was delicious but on a competition side of barbecue things that wouldn't go over so good its overcooked but people at home like to fall off the bone ribs, and so do I So that's how you do it four hours to get delicious smoky Tender juicy ribs Well, I'm cutting everything up Let's take a peek at the trim piece here See if it'll slice right down the middle There is some bones in here But slice right through them it's the soft ones there but again you can see nice meat in here Oh It's hot But just pulls apart there's a lot of fat in here too as well So it's not the best but it is good just to pick through it rip it apart

I Know someone that will love this misty dog You want a piece? G-dog you want some oh There's the real test How is it is it good? Is it good ribs are done and it's time to dig in These are absolutely delicious The KC barbecue rub from Weber It's just jam packed with flavor It's got a nice kiss of that applewood smoked and topped off with that sweet sticky barbecue sauce These are cooked to perfection I hope everyone enjoyed this video You guys learned a few tips tricks for you to use at home to cook ribs for your family and friends for yourself I'm Jason King Thanks so much for watching till the next time dig in

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