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How to Cook easy Jjolmyeon(spicy chewy noodles), 매콤달콤새콤한 쫄면



Hello, I'm Cook Kim, a man who teaches you how to cook easily!! Now, everyone, Friday is here again Time really flies

I think I made food with beer and alcohol on allmost Friday Today, I prepared food that I can eat simply, not with alcohol Cook Kim Episode, 102 Jjolmyeon Now! Today's food is called Jjolmyeon Cook Kim Episode, 102 Jjolmyeon This jjolmyeon is one of the most popular Korean snacks for women along with tteokbokki Jjolmyeon is characterized by mixing noodles with spicy, sweet, and sour sauce using chewy and thick noodles

If you try it, I think you'll like it a lot like Korean women Well!Then let's go cook! Let's go! Carrot Lettuce Cucumber Cabbage boiled egg Bean sprouts Boil in boiling water for 5 minutes and cool with cold water Jjolmyeon Stir the noodles so that they don't stick together 2 tablespoons red pepper paste minced garlic 2 teaspoon two tablespoon sugar apple vinegar (or fruit vinegar) 3 tablespoon Pepper Stir well until sugar melts a little sesame oil So! This is the jjolmyeon! This jjolmyeon is one of the representative menus of the snack bar along with gimbap and tteokbokki

It was one of the foods that I could eat with my friends at a cheap price, so it's a memorable food for me I think all Koreans who watch this video will agree Before I talk about jjolmyeon, if we leave it for a long time, it'll be hard to eat it because the noodles will stick to each other, so I'll eat and tell you Then I'll try it Oh

Spicy! eat eggs when it's spicy I actually can't eat spicy food very well But one of my favorite spicy foods is this jjolmyeon

It's really easy to eat, and it's cheap So I enjoyed eating this food when I was young As many of you know, jjajangmyeon and jjolmyeon started in Incheon where I live This jjolmyeon is said to have been made by mistake while making naengmyeon at a factory that makes naengmyeon noodles, it is thick and tough Jjolmyeon was developed by the owner of a restaurant who asked him to give it to him instead of throwing it away

As you know, most of my subscribers are foreigners than Koreans It's probably very hard to get this noodles where you live So I'm going to tell you a few things you can use instead of this chewy noodles First of all, noodle that I used to make bibim noodles last time And if you go to the Chinatown around you, you'll find something called Chinese noodles

It's used in Chinese food The Chinese noodles are very similar in thickness to this chewy noodles, so I think you'll be able to taste the same if you use the noodles to make them Of course, there is a huge difference between those Chinese noodles and this noodles Especially, the elasticity of the noodles is very different, and I think that the Chinese noodles will be more spicy and stimulating because they absorb a lot of sauce I think the best way is to go to the Korean Mart near you and buy jjolmyeon and use it

Now! It's the weekend On weekends, make spicy, sweet and sour chewy noodles with your family and enjoy them And I hope you can relax at home watching like Netflix or my videos Please look forward to the next video, and that's it for todayThank you for watching today's video

My channel needs your attention and love If the video is enjoyable or informative, please click the subscribe and like buttons and share it with your friends on SNS Well, see you next time

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New Cookery Recipes
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