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HOW TO COOK : EASY QUESADILLA (초간단) 퀘사디아 만들기 멕시칸



Hola Hola Chefs Today I'd like to introduce Quesadilla, a Mexican food Apparently, Mexico ins't exposed to Korea as much So I'd like to make a video for Korea watchers If you don't mind, Please turn on the subtitle And I will be introducing Quesadilla in Korean Hi, Youtubers Today I'm going to introduce food that is not in Korea That's Quesadilla in Mexican Cuisine It's simple to cook, So here we go today

it's flour(tortilla) This is Tortilla(soft)shell, in different sizes Mozzarella Cheddar And this is Monterrey Jack It was in cubes but I shredded This is Salsa(sauce) It has kick, spicy and hot This called Sour cream It's a cream taste like a milk

If you can't find Sour cream You can replace to plain yougurt We only need a fry pan Put stove on high It's warming up Personally I like Mozzarella the most It extends like pizza Lay cheese thin, If you'd go for one flavor, it's kind of boring right? I am putting cheddar a half When Tortilla blows turn down stove a bit Otherwise it will burn cover other half You can set(stove) it little high lol This is perfect to have So whole cooking finishes in 5 minutes for 2nd, I'll make with Monterey Jack This one is kind of stinky Here's simple extra cheese that is If Monterrey Jack and Cheddar mixes together, it's Colby cheese

Cool, right? Way it's simple to cook(feel a shamed) Here is Salsa Salsa Sour Cream YEEEEEAH Delicous (in spanish) Delicious (in Korean) It tastes like stink this is colby jack I taste stinky It's eatable (meaning Okay) Mozzarella Is well fit to Korean taste I laid cheese too thin, Definitely would taste better if you put enough It would be great to enjoy flavor of each cheese If you liked my recipe hit 'like' I'd 'like' if you subscribe thank you for watching Gracias

Source: Youtube

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