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How to Cook Filipino Style Shrimp Curry



Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! I'm Vanjo Merano And today we'll be making a dish using shrimp It's called Shrimp Curry, Filipino Style Here are the ingredients we'll need for this recipe Here's our main ingredient, shrimp What I did was remove the heads and shells of the shrimp, and I de-vained them, as well You can use frozen shrimp, but make sure to thaw or defrost them first We also need bell peppers I'll be using green and red peppers today

Here's our ripe tomatoes, cut into pieces Lemon or calamansi Here's our flat leaf parsley, chopped Minced ginger Yellow onion, also minced Garlic, crushed and minced We'll also be using fish sauce And of course, curry powder We also need turmeric powder, or you could also use fresh turmeric Here's our ground black pepper and cayenne pepper powder We'll also need our Knorr Shrimp Cube Aside from these ingredients, we'll also need cooking oil Let's get started! First we need to marinade the shrimp Just squeeze the lemon or calamansi We do this to add some extra taste to the shrimp before we cook it Now, let's add the ground black pepper And if you like it spicy, add ground cayenne pepper We can also add crushed and minced siling labuyo or bird's eye chili Then, let's mix it well Let this marinade for 10 minutes After that, we can start cooking Let's begin Let's heat up a pan Add cooking oil Let the oil heat up After this, we cans saute the onions, garlic, tomatoes, and ginger At this point, the oil is hot enough Let's add the onions first We'll saute this for 30 seconds And after that, we can add the garlic Here's the crushed and minced garlic Let's use every bit of it, so we don't waste anything Now, let's add the minced ginger I cut the ginger into tiny pieces to make sure its flavor will be infused with our dish Since it's easier to extract the taste of ginger if you cut it smaller Here are the tomatoes It's important to make sure you use fully ripe tomatoes, and just cut them into cubes Then, keep sauteing until the onions soften up Then, the tomatoes will soften too Keep sauteing it Once the onions and tomatoes are soft, add the coconut milk We only need 2 cups of coconut milk Then, mix it And let this cook until the coconut milk starts to boil Let's cover the cooking pot and continue cooking for 2 minutes Now, we're ready to add the rest of the ingredients We can now add the curry powder This is what gives our dish its flavor Mix it well, and make sure the powder is dissolved well in the coconut milk Curry powder has a strong flavor So if you're not used to this ingredient yet, I suggest following the measurement in this recipe So you don't use too much I'll also be using a Knorr Shrimp Cube to balance the flavors Since curry powder can have an overpowering taste, we need to balance it out with shrimp flavor And the Knorr Shrimp Cube really enhances the flavor of the shrimp Making our dish more delicious and giving it just the right taste Let this cook for another 1-2 minutes After that, we'll add our turmeric powder This is turmeric in powder form You could also use fresh turmeric, minced Aside from adding color to our dish, it also has many health benefits Now, let's add the bell peppers We're using red and green bell peppers They're also called capsicum, so just mix them together Then, I'll cover the cooking pot And cook this for another 3 minutes on low to medium heat I like to have a stronger taste of bell pepper in our curry Now, it's time to add the shrimp I'm referring to the shrimp we marinated earlier We added lemon, ground black pepper, and cayenne pepper to it Just put the shrimp straight into the cooking pot, then stir it Afterwards, we'll continue cooking Like we did with the bell pepper, we'll cover the cooking pot We'll adjust the fire to medium heat Then, we'll let this cook for 3-4 minutes Now, the dish is almost ready Now we just need to season it Since this is Filipino Style Shrimp Curry, I'll be using fish sauce Fish sauce is perfect for this because its flavor blends well with all the other ingredients in this dish I typically use between 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons of fish sauce We'll also add our chopped flat-leaf parsley This really helps with adding flavor to the shrimp curry Aside from this, we could also use cilantro We'll let this cook for 1-2 more minutes Then, we'll move it into a serving bowl And let's serve it Let's give it a try Wow, delicious Thanks for watching this video Don't forget to like this video, and subscribe to our Panlasang Pinoy YouTube channel I'll see you in the next video! Come on, let's eat!

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