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How to cook Fish with Roselle leaves #Bodo traditional food #Na jwng mwitha #Delicious dish



She is our uncle's daughter😘

welcome everyone in my new video Today I will cook Fish with Roselle leaves So watch my cooking till the end See our roselle leaves I will pluck it now These are the roselle leaves that I had plucked in our garden I had washed are cut it And also I have already fried the fish Now we will cook them together

For this we need paste of garlic, ginger and chilli This is jeera, salt, turmeric and red chilli we had taken only one onion Our pan is heated, so we will pour the oil we will add water

Now cover it Now we will check Now we will add fish Roselle leaves gets cooked soon Now we will again cover and keep it Its the easiest recipe After 10-15 minutes we will check it Since we had already fried the fish, so it doesn't take much time to cook Since we had already fried the fish, so it doesn't take much time to cook Now we will just check the salt Its perfect Now i will cover it and OFF the flame of the gas

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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