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How to Cook for a Capuchin Monkey



(Soft Italian music Intro) Hey guys Judy and Lillian Louise here We are at Grammy's house

And I am fixing to cook supper for everyone We are having spaghetti tonight so I wanted to show you how I feed Lillian spaghetti So what we do is we get her monkey biscuits and we smash them Like that right there And we get them all crumbly

Okay guys so I got Lillian's tray going We have mixed salad here with carrots, cabbage, and lettuce and that pasta is whole grain pasta She's not real crazy about pasta so I take the biscuits we crushed-up and I sprinkle them on like that and I sprinkle them over her pasta like that There we go And then I take a little bit of spaghetti sauce

Now this is organic spaghetti sauce and it is for vegans so it actually does not have sugar in it It's just natural foods Although That is tomatoes in the sauce Lillian Love's tomatoes so I give her a little chunk of tomato And then we get her ready to go And then we serve the queen

There She Goes Yay She started with the salad Yeah Yay

That's lettuce There's your spaghetti Yeah Look at her she just sucks the sauce offl

Look at her (laughter) She takes the noodles out of it That's why I like to mix her monkey biscuits in with the sauce She loves her sauce

There we go Yay Is that pretty good? Yay Is that pretty good? Yeah Yeah

Say that's pretty good That's pretty good Yeah Yeah Okay

Now I don't eat sugar so I buy everything without sugar and this bread has no sugar and so I always give her a little piece of bread with a little bit of butter Yeah Is that pretty good? Is that pretty good? Yeah? Now she tore through that sauce so quickly Hang onI will give her some more sauce with her biscuits There we go

Here we go That's your monkey biscuits in your sauce Is that pretty good? Do you like that? Yep Eat your food Is that your bread? Is it good? Why don't you dip your bread in your sauce

Can you dip your bread in your sauce? Look here we go like that There we go Pretty good? Is that pretty good? Is that pretty good? Am I getting my food ready too? Yeah? Does that tastes pretty good? Yep Yep (laughter) Is that pretty good? (laughter) She saw me telling the dog to get back and she is getting all defensive

She's like you better mind my mama Yeah, you better my mama That's right You better mind my mom Is that pretty good? Yep You're watching the puppy dog aren't you? Say you better mind my mama

Say get back puppy dog Say get back puppy dog Yeah Laughter You are so silly

All right, well we are fixing to finish eating and then we will let you see her fall asleep After she eats she always falls right to sleep I rock her and we watch TV with Grammy and Lillian falls asleep Yeah Is that pretty good? Does that taste pretty good? Okay, so Lillian had her supper and she always likes to take a little nap after she eats So I just rock her

Do you want to cover yourself up? Yeah Is that good? Yeah That's a good baby Yeah How about that

Are you ready to take a little nap? Did you get full? Yeah did your tummy get full did you get full? Precious little girl So she is ready for a nap Yeah So I'm going to rock her and watch TV while she takes a little nap Yeah

There we go And there she is fast asleep I wanted to go in there and clean the kitchen so I let Lillian come over here and lay down with Quinton

Source: Youtube

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