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Healthy and delicious the cooking show a new episode start right now Welcome to healthy and delicious the cooking show We are so excited to have you here today So my name is Michaela Clauss and I am a chef and nutritionist and I'm here with my co-host chef Lionel Yes so we are kind of a fun combination because I'm a nutritionist and a chef and so I think about food in a way that is you know, How can this make my skin look good make me feel really good and get a bunch of vegetables into it but I know how do you think about food I think about food a little bit differently than you because I'm French I grew up in a country that is full of pork Salami, and of course French cheese with a little bit of baguette

Yeah, so it doesn't get any better than that So I would say I'm a little bit like the nutritionist's worst nightmare Appetizer for you All right, Michaela Start right with the butter Oh, yeah, look at that It's going straight to my pan French and that butter French in the butter So we're gonna try and do for all of our recipes It's kind of bring the best of both worlds So, you know, I'm gonna bring in my healthier ingredients Lionel's gonna bring in his delicious French flavors and all of his knowledge So we can have this beautiful kind of marriage of these really good flavors exactly You can enjoy really good health, but still be able to enjoy your food I mean, otherwise it's not sustainable I mean, I see all those diet with one cucumber and one avocado

It doesn't go anywhere I mean You gotta give me a little bit of meat there and I think that I hear a lot of complaints about that People are like, you know, I really want to eat healthy But the food just is boring or it's not very flavorful and even I'll see recipes, you know And it does look very healthy and nothing is wrong with being too happy in a certain regard But you got to add some good stuff Let me show you what we used to do when I was kid Okay, so I have here a bunch of mushrooms I used to go mushroom hunting with my Dad, it was one of the most amazing experience I ever had Yes So you gotta wait after it rains a lot So you can find the mushroom in the forest and we will sear those mushrooms with a little bit of butter A little bit butter Maybe I put a little more Yeah, I want to make sure you know that welcome to my side

Hey, that's a delicious side You love your butter I actually went In Tahoe is where I grew up I grew up in Lake Tahoe and my dad's friend he would harvest mushrooms in Tahoe So one year, there was a really big fire and then it rained a lot and there is this beautiful morel mushrooms Which I'm sure you know, but they were huge They were like this big like these big beautiful mushrooms They almost taste like steak Oh, yeah Okay, you can actually great substitute , putting in a burger a bunch of mushrooms instead of the beef But this is not what we try to do over here So what are you making so I have butter salt and pepper with this very nice

Mushroom I'm gonna put a little bit of garlic a little bit onion, okay It's good base for everyone Yes That that is a good base for everyone, me and my dad We used to pick up as much as we possibly can and he knows about Mushrooms At the end of the day we would take that big towel and put them on the table And try to pick all the mushrooms, maybe we'll do something like this I was really lucky to grow up in California thatl, you know We had access to beautiful produce pretty much all year long It was a little harder growing up in Tahoe in the mountains to get fresh produce But you could still find it at the grocery store and we had you know Great meats that were raised in California with the grass-fed meats and lots of seafood, too So oh, yeah, California's one of the best most healthy cuisine in America Yep Yeah My mom was a really good cook – that's kind of where I fell in love with cooking

She had me in the kitchen I you know, like really little probably like two and three helping I'm a little apron on standing on a stool my mom – yeah We could have make a cooking show much earlier than this So I put a little more butter Oh my god, just to make sure how much, we're at like a half stick Come on people Do you need some flavor over here? Now my mushroom started to smell really really good really nice Now, I wanted to put more butter because the bread needs to collect a little bit I'm gonna put the baguette, the garlic, the onions ,a little bit of the mushroom I have some tarragon over here, the little tarragon I love tarragon So this is for me to welcome you in the right side I know this is the left side of the table, but it is the right side I'm on your side people so the balance is on this side of the table

and I'm not gonna resist a beautiful appetizer made by French chef, but I am later gonna bring in some of my vegetables into it Bring your zucchiniWe are, we're gonna make some good stuff So tell us what are we gonna be making later? So later I'm gonna start with breakfast cuz I'm getting hungry and people doesn't feed us here So I'm gonna make some potato hash with some chorizo And look that bread started to get crunchy, now, I don't want it to be more crunchy than this This is approximately what I want just a little snap there so you can collect all the butter

Yeah I have to tell you one of my favorite memories when I have gone to France is sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower and eating just a baguette with a hunk of brie cheese and some wine Yes It was like my favorite meal Breaking the crust of the baguette, yeah it is one of my favorite Now look at these mushrooms

Yeah You know, what will be good in those mushroom and I bring here one of your favorite wine from the origin of here Central coast, so I went to school at Cal Poly in the Central Coast So I got a lot Central Coast wine Yes We're gonna put a little bit on the appetizer Okay? I like Californian wine

It's really good It is, I love it So I like to announce to all French people It's okay We do wine over here You can come back Test it out

We are lucky, we got the Napa Valley We've got some good wine on Central Coast So take a plane Oh, no, no, that's my job Right? Right

So I'm gonna do it country French style You got to put that underneath your legs here and that warms up the wine a little bit Right, that's a good noise So I'm gonna put a little bit on the mushroom Smells beautiful

Let them reduce a little bit that cab Mm-hmm Callie cabbie Callie cab My kind of wine You know wine can actually be part of a good diet If you just do your one glass I heard So now we have a little bit of grainy mustard here From France

I love that whole grain Don't forget to buy the French grainy mustard, so you feed my family I'm gonna spread that on the baguette So this is an appetizer You will never find anywhere else because this is something that comes straight from my parents Really? it is the scoop right there That is the family recipe

Yep, and this is about that You're probably gonna hate me for it This is French Country pate This pot right there, it's all fat It's all the good fat So, it's pork pate

I'm gonna collect a little bit and it goes right there I have never even tried pate Oh really? Today is the first You are gonna find it delicious Now I have to say, don't go for a run after that

No, you probably want to go for a run, We should have already ran this morning Yes, I did, I went to my walk That's good You're gonna have your bounce – trying to get my workouts in the morning So now I have my mushroom

They are beautiful And it could be any mushrooms chanterelle is one of my favorite, or Morales Yeah, but you could find also some more humble mushrooms over here I have some shiitake and a little bit of the oyster mushroom It goes right on the top So you get mustard, the mushroom with the tarragon and a little bit of the red wine A little bit wine, on the French side

Exactly Beautiful Well, well cheers, cheers! To healthy, healthy and delicious Mmm Mmm, lovely central coast wine

So can we try these now? Feel free Be my guests Oh Yeah So just warm right now, with the mushroom on the top and the pate Yeah, it's really good Delicious Yeah put some anywhere You know when I was little, I used to love food so much that I'd hum What happen to you? Still love food, but I chew in my gum, hummm, cuz I am so happy We're gonna take a quick break

When we come back, we're gonna actually cook something Let's do it So don't go anywhere, we will be right back

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