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How To Cook French Fries At Home


[UltraVid id=118 ]hello their minds pointless and I run the time and time again you cook with school in West Sussex today I’m gonna share with you some recipes some shift tips to bring back the fun and home cooking I’m gonna show you how to make homemade french fries now I’m using Maris Piper but you can use King Edward’s or a nice size jacket potato the very flowery and less water so I’m just going to show you I’ll put them down actually square them off it’s on a stove a little size there so the best way of doing it to get on nice even shape is actually just cut once you square it especially cut it in half and cut it in half again so then you know you can have an even even size french fry literally half and half again straight down there so we’ve got four pieces a nice little thing would be knife now if you were to blanch these you before you want to be blunt about home from 20 then you take them out let them cool down then finish off and finish off about 100 35 40 to brand them off but because it could really really thin these going into a hot pot and if I cut straight away it’s all looking for so nice evenly sized chip potato so just create do they can so from scratch just I mean you don’t have to square off but I mean if I’m the restaurant the chefs are expected just because square off of potato and we just square off there so again in half half again unless you would be knife asshole finish trips to get your french fries nice and nice and foamy it’s what we’re looking for now to keep your french fries nice and fresh but there’s in there some cold water to them get them off the face while you’re prepping them up fast and fresh and they go so like I said a marriage piper or a king edward is probably the best chip so I’ve just cut my chips nice pinch drips and I’ve got my pan nice and hot now don’t want it too hot I don’t wanna overcook or burn the oil or overcook the end the chips so I sort meat in here get it to temperature I’ve got my absorbent paper here from the plate and local spatula as well so I have my chips in one of this I’m just going to just drain off that accessible of that really nice just take off that an excess pour they’re nice and dry you just Pat them fruit so you’ve got lovely little French fries there and I still even amount their subs about from oil to come to the temperature now for long I do a little test there I’m let me do put one in protest that and that tells me that it’s really so I’m just gonna very very gently put my my chips into the pan here now not splashing them now I’m actually shallow frying these you’re gonna deep-fry these as well so just a quicker a quick fix we know it’s all getting ready I’ve got my pan hot my chips have been done I’ve got my plate ready I’ve got my absorbent paper ready for my chips to absorb all the excess fat so again nice and hot but they’re not too hot keeping the control the temperature all the time so they start to color quite large now I’m quite happy them for to come out in a couple of seconds but if people just see having a nice and golden brown now looking a really nice nice and healthy looking nice and golden Cup finalists will around there just take them out absolutely fantastic really nicely drawing take off the excess beautiful absolutely I’ll just turn the heat off so we’ve kept it a nice sort of a temperature put the chips to cook nice and evenly nice and golden just hit it off that you just run that through the absorbent paper there beautiful nice ship set a bit of salt and that’s how I make my homemade french fries [Music]

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