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How To Cook French Fries



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Today I will show you how to make aaaaaaaaaaa at home French Fries somebody from your ranks favorite potatoes free? somebody from your ranks favorite potatoes free? somebody from your ranks favorite potatoes free? that's why I wanted to show you how to do it that's it first oil shaver / knife for potatoes and another blade salts the lagoon and this table counter / table from the knife to the main table cutting it will not be very good so as not to break my main table okay first you / you have wash the potatoes wash the potatoes then push off then cut into it looks like this way am aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa one minute completed that's what you need to do now You / you have to cut potatoes / potatoes and the more secure you / you have to tilt a little bit at the top hm hm and that I would be harder you / you can do this if you quickly roast you can do it this way this way That's what you need to do now just do it with these chopped pieces you need oil you / you have to add oil first turn off and now gripe oil in a frying pan 30-50 ml 30-50 ml ml ml ml ml ml wait a minute more okay now do this thing moving here and oil to here okay now I do not need to throw away these main table protectors / tables okay i have to find something something protection yes it makes sense because it's a snack pro now well we have to find something okay it will be totally going to be this and We have a time of five minutes like that and now we are waiting up to five minutes cajus needs to now do that you / you have just do that this way OK now you have to add oil with cut pieces that i think that we are here already It's very blasting and it's a bit too long there but I will check OK now I'm just I have it now just fine I think I'm very nervous I'm very nervous okay let's wait five minutes back well bladfvhdjvsdjvhsdhvjhdvhjsvhdbvhsdbcvhsdbjhvsbdfhvhvdfhvbshdfvbhdbvjhdsfbvhjsdbfvhjdsbjvbsdhvbsdfvbs bfhgvdfhfvgahefvash well up to five minutes now it's time now shut down and take a frying pan let's wait until it cools down it has already cooled down pour over and enjoy it as we see that's it very delicious look know what i say that's how you / you did / did this is aaaaa i need like what can I do and you / you can see it I will use it a cup yes that would be better okay that's it we will look like tasty / not screaming like that you / you can put salt and will be much more delicious okay Let's look at the taste of the beast I dumped it and got it because I'm not fat you / you can do this and aaa i just I'm doing it this way I'm packing paper and I have poured out a ladybug Let's see how the flavor is g '' 'i let's get started three two one but it's made of high temperature I want to say that You / you have a high temperature to make potatoes free that's what I want to say Thank you for your quest If you like this video subscribe to share press the bell click on like to the best

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