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How to Cook Fried Rice



Hi guys welcome back to anyone can cook if you're here for the first time my name is Jaimie and I'm going to try to make things as easy as possible today we're going to be making fried rice so let's get started these ingredients are good for two people you are going to need three stalks of celery, a small yellow onion, a small piece of ginger, some garlic, these little containers you see over here are the size of a tablespoon so you need a tablespoon of rice vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, and over here there is a combination of two tablespoons of soy and teriyaki sauce white rice of course I recommend long grain like jasmine rice or any rice you want to use really also 2 eggs, 1 per person if you want to do it vegetarian then just add more veggies or more eggs and then the last part is optional so you can use beef, you can use shrimp, or chicken

For garnish you're going to need sesame seeds and scallions For this recipe you just need a wok or a large saute pan also a cutting board, a sharp knife a large prepping spoon and a small tasting spoon I want to show you how to make white rice first but if you already know just skip this part You just need two cups of water, one cup of rice and you're going to let that boil at medium to medium-high temperature It's been boiling hard for about 10 minutes and now it's starting to dry out, you can hear how the water is evaporating so I'm gonna lower the heat very low heat and I'm going to cover the pot It's been 10 minutes I turned off

The heat the rice seems to be nice and fluffy just turn it around so it doesn't overcook in the bottom We're going to put it aside and let it cool down If you let the rice cool down it's going to give you better results If you want you could skip this part and buy a bag of frozen carrots and peas but I recommend that you do fresh vegetables because it's going to taste a lot better so let's start it with the celery I'll start by removing the edges

I previously washed all the vegetables so we should be good So start by turning the celery upside down if you want you could just cut it straight but if you want a nicer bite and a really nice look on the plate just turn the knife in an angle Towards the end to make it easy on yourself and go back to a straight angle I like to use baby carrots because they have really good flavor and they are already peeled so we just cut it in half then it's nice as thin as you can it doesn't have to be precise but it will give you a nice variation of bites on your dish the onion I just cut it in half and these will help you to peel the onion to dice the onion you just gonna do horizontal cuts then you can turn some black hole cap the pieces don't have to be very small now it was due ginger and the easiest way to do this to peel it is to use a spoon once the gingers feel then you're gonna cut thin slices are we gonna try to do here is dice the ginger very small so by cutting thin slices first then you can pile those thin slices and cut them like this you just turn around and cut a small svk so that's about quarter spoon I'm going to give you a tip to peel the garlic quicker or easier and that's just by putting the clumps together and then just like that look this game comes off now this doesn't have to be precise but you can do advance slices first you want to do it a small isit ginger or very close to it and just you can do something like this and this should be this should be good you don't want it to be too small because then they'll burn quickly as you can see the ratios of ginger and garlic are different you want to do a quarter of ginger and 3/4 of garlic I think there is never too much garlic but if you use too much ginger then it can be overwhelming and maybe too spicy we're getting close to the anodizing guys don't you worry we're gonna continue with the scallion let's remove the and I previously washed all the vegetables everything is clean so since this scallion is going to be used for garnish I'll show you two ways so you can do just just like this but if you want longer pieces that are gonna decorate the plate just get hungry cuts okay last but not least for the ones interested in beef in their rice we're gonna slice very thick pieces so that way they're gonna saute quickly the beef was previously marinated with soy sauce if you do it for at least half hour then it will add more flavor to your dish after washing my hands I gather all the ingredients so now we have everything ready it's just a matter of getting the pan really hot for this you want to work with high temperature really high temperature so that way the vegetables are cooked on the outside and they're still crispy and fresh in the inside I like to use vegetable oil because it doesn't burn as fast as this is annoying so we're gonna start with the X we need scramble eggs you stuff the motor preference if you want large or small pieces of egg in your rice a little bit of soy now we're going to take the beef just if you're not using beef keep this part if you see smoke coming out of the pan just lower the heat let it cool down a little bit okay you don't want to over cook the beef just enough here add a little bit of soy again we're building flavors if you like your beef cook very well it just keep going this is good for me just gonna take it out of the pan what is really nice about using a wok with this is that you have a larger surface and vegetables cooked pretty much at the same time we're gonna start with the onions remember we're working medium-high temperature everything's gonna cook really fast once eat onions turn in color we're gonna add garlic ginger keep turning everything around that way nothing burn all right carrots your pan might start getting a little dry so you can add a little water once the water we added before the rice vinegar and that's gonna take everything all the flavors together what it's really nice about this dish what makes it come together is you have the sweetness of the carrots the aroma of the garlic ginger an audience yesterday of the rice vinegar when the vinegar has evaporated a little bit you can add once the vegetables are ready you have to go very quickly because you don't want to overcook the best voice I want a nice bite in a nice crunch I'm gonna start by adding 3/4 of the rice and see if that's 1/3 ratio of ingredients also I'm gonna add the mixture of soy sauce and third yaki sauce and a little bit of sesame oil all of these things are gonna eat the rice a very nice flavor not only flavor but color to just keep turning all the ingredients and nothing gets burned the rice gift arrived at this point you need to taste it that way you know if you need more salary or Laffy Taffy all right it's officially ready not let's do my favorite part which is plating you get it in our first phone on the plate you're gonna sprinkle fresh scallions and this is my sheets there you have it beautiful and delicious fried rice thank you guys for watching if you liked this video you're gonna thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more videos like this if you have any comments just leave them down below and I'll see you next week

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