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How To Cook Frozen Ribs In An Instant Pot



mmm-hmm check out these Instant Pot baby back ribs from frozen! Hi folks it's Mike with Kitchen Tips Online, the place where the smartest people on YouTube, come to learn new kitchen tips and tricks to help them save time and money in the kitchen And to my subscribers, I'd like to say, welcome back guys ♥ And for those who are not yet subscribers, check out a couple of things that you've already missed

If you're like me, you only buy baby back ribs when they are on sale And in this case, they're on BOGO But what do you do when you get them home Obviously you have to freeze them unless if you're not gonna cook them up right away If you freeze your ribs like this, they will never fit into your Instant Pot when it's time to make some delicious Instant Pot baby back ribs

Now if you've ever been in a tug of war with the membrane on baby back ribs, then you'll appreciate this tip I'm about to share with you The easiest way to remove the membrane on the back side of the ribs, is to heat it up with hot water and that will loosen the fat that kind of acts like glue holding the membrane to the rib cage Then you can pry under it with a butter knife and then use a paper towel to pull it right off Now if you want to make baby back ribs in an Instant Pot from frozen, you need to do a little prep work in advance In addition to removing the membrane like I just showed you, you need to cut the ribs up into portion sizes so that once they're frozen they'll fit inside the pressure cooker

Normally you can take a small rack of ribs the kinds you get down at your local grocery store and curl it up inside your Instant Pot pressure cooker And since it is difficult or impossible to freeze the ribs in this configuration and still get the plastic off after this frozen, you need to divide the ribs up into portion sizes that will fit inside the Instant Pot How many portions you get out of a typical rack of ribs will depend on the size of the ribs Whatever you decide, whatever portions you come up, with make sure that they fit inside the pressure cooker before you put them in the freezer I like to use a pair of scissors to cut these ribs

That means I don't have a cutting board to wash And by the way you can use these kitchen shears to portion off the ribs after you cook them, and you still don't have a cutting board to wash We have them available on our Amazon Affiliate store on our website We'll put a link in the video description for those who want to get some Once you have your portions cut up, then you can put them in Ziploc bags and put them in the freezer

Now one of the great things about making Instant Pot baby back ribs is that you don't have to get all fancy with the recipe We're just going to use 1 cup of barbecue sauce, any brand, any kind you want We're gonna use 1 cup of water and we're gonna use 1/2 a tbsp of the liquid smoke Using liquid smoke really bumps up the flavor And sometimes it's hard for folks to tell that these ribs didn't spend four or five hours in a smoker

Now I like to put the bone sides down But how do you do it? How do you make your baby back ribs After you try this recipe, let me know in the comment section if you prefer the bones down or the meat side down Next you can put the lid on, rotate it to the lock position, and make sure that the valve is set to closed Now let's talk about the timing for a second

The amount of time you put on the pressure cooker control will depend on a couple of things How thick your rib, and how do you like your ribs when they're finished If you like fall off the bone ribs, you're definitely going to need to put more time on the control Personally I don't like fall off the bone ribs And that's because you wind up eating them with a fork and a knife

I'm curious as to how much time you will be using So after you make this recipe, come on back and let me know in the comments section how much time you put on to control My preference is to cook baby back ribs so that the meat is easy to be removed from the bone, so I am going to set the control to manual, high pressure, for 35 minutes When the time is up on the control, you can do any pressure release Now we can remove the lid and have our first peek at our Instant Pot ribs from frozen

Let's put them on a pan, put some barbecue sauce on them, and slide them under the broiler Add plenty of barbecue sauce because when it goes under the broiler it'll start to caramelize Don't walk away from them while they're under the broiler And check this out, well there you go folks now you know how to make Instant Pot ribs from frozen And if you think we did a good job on this video, a thumbs up would certainly be appreciated, thank you very much

And if you have some friends who own an Instant Pot, you might think about sharing this video with them Thanks for watching ♥

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