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How to cook fry tacos at home



hello, hello everyone welcome to my channel my name is caprice today I'm going to make chicken and beans tacos and I alone beans with cheese because I'm vegetarian so I make chicken for my boyfriend I want to show you to do fry tacos I hope you enjoy before I go ahead start please support me & thumb up more subseries please I hope you enjoying thank you I'll show you how chicken look like shredded chicken whatever how the way you make chicken any people are different way make chicken what I do? I boiled water and put in the chicken and add flavor chicken and salt that's all boiled until the chicken is ready then I shredded that's it Beans what I do? I put beans bottle of water fill it up cover water on beans whatever you want how much beans you want to put in when it ready then smashed the beans that's all start with flour and water this is for to close your tacos or either way other people way is toothpick to close tacos but my way is flour and water I'll show you how that make sure not too watery make sure feel little more paste feel little sticky not too much water you'll feel little more flour beans look like just smashed start warm up your corn tortillas warm up whatever keep flipping warm up finish warm up tortillas whatever how many you want tortillas make sure you'll see the line have to put in there cheese look like take that cheese queso fresco milk cheese okay! I'm done with folding tacos add oil heat up your pan first then you add oil wait until hot oil then you fry tacos fry it wait see look like turn golden then you flipped it again wait golden then done take it out put in another tacos keep repeat be very careful oil sometimes popping be careful now I'll show you I want to show how to make salsa simple and easy tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lemon don't forget to add salt shake and mix it

Source: Youtube

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