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Today is going to shoot a pepper shrimp shop In the impression of LATTE We first saw pepper shrimp in Taiwan at the shrimp farm Thai shrimp caught in the shrimp farm, I remember that time The easiest thing I can catch is to skewer it and grill it directly Of course, you can ask the store to help you So at that time there were snacks like pepper shrimp, shochu shrimp and lemon shrimp Now I don’t have to go to the shrimp farm for fishing We can eat a lot of delicious pepper shrimp in some restaurants at the night market Pepper shrimp is Thai shrimp, which is actually the popular name in Taiwan It is actually a freshwater shrimp with the scientific name Roche That day, LATTE filmed a steamed rice noodle with garlic and shrimp! Shrimp meat is firm Q bomb, but also very delicious I can’t stop eating a bite

Suddenly I understood why there are customers who can’t give up even if they worry about gout Most stores will use a material It is an alloy of aluminum and tin combined! This particular pot is very resistant to falling Then it won’t break if it falls on the ground, and it won’t crack easily even at high temperature Most of them are more convenient than ceramic pots when they are dry I watched the store put the washed shrimps in the pot Add seasonings such as cooking wine and sprinkle a lot of pepper Turn on the fire, cook it slowly and then boil it slowly, and finally when it comes out I saw the store still blowing the shrimp in the pot with a hair dryer It turns out that this method can completely penetrate the taste into the meat of shrimp

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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