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HOW TO COOK Gigantes- Greek style giant beans- recipe



Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, so today I want to share with you how to make easy Beans Greek style So if you've ever been in Greece and you had that dish called Gigantis, yes, we're gonna go to say this

It's this giant beans that are cooked in tomato sauce Cooked in the wood fire oven It's delicious Obviously here in the UK I do not have a wood fire oven Unfortunately, but what I do have is a multi cooker also known as crock pots Well, that's the point of mine It comes in different brands so It's a very simple recipe it is in three steps soak Cook and then flash in the oven so bear with me I'm gonna show you how to do this so first off I start with butter beans so these ones were the dry kind so I pre soaked them for a few hours It's been eight hours and now they're fairly soft and ready to be cooked

It's very important to soak the beans Some varieties of beans are actually toxic such as red kidney beans Plus they take a lot less time to cook So That's my soap beans and In the multicooker they go now I'm gonna come and add one can of chopped tomatoes And we've just come out of the tomato season I have lovely tomatoes at home from the garden Unfortunately, they are not ripe enough So I'm gonna use this little guy here and it is very It's honestly it's very good and it's a huge time-saver something I always have in my pantry because making tomato sauce requires healing and seeding I've had just don't have this kind of time So chop tomatoes Morgan's way best friend so Go and multicooker Why do is because you see there's always like some? Amazing too much for left there I just Put a little bit of water in the front so I can wash Tomato And I really get all the goodness Anyway, as you can tell this is gonna be fairly drives My beans are not gonna cook evenly so I'm actually going to go and add about 1/2 of Water

Oh, that's not a can So at this stage that's putting a little stir and Grab you So I want to s personal preference given the time I want to slow cook it For two and a half hours And I'll meet you guys in two and a half hours And we're back So he's been two and a half hours beans are Nice and cooked I know I look completely different because I took my son to the tennis lesson and On the way back We were cycling and we got absolutely soft It just wouldn't stop raining and it was very very heavy rain so I had to get changed I had to Dry my hair again Take off my makeup So I'm a different person But it's the same day

It's only been two and a half hours So anyway, let me walk you through the next steps I close that little bit now the valve and I am going to further cook them For about ten minutes Just to make sure they're really really soft at the core Because smoking the beans, sometimes they can appear very soft inside outside and then inside there a bit crunchy Here we go for ten minutes So it's been ten minutes I have opened the valve let all this team out and I've just opened a cooker the beans are nice and tender and So as you can see at the moment very watery It's not gonna stay like this So next up I'm going to chop finely one white onion and Well two cloves of garlic Gently fry them until golden brown in The skillet This one is cast iron which is good because I don't need to transfer from one Pad to dish I can just use this because we are going to finish it in the oven so I've already turned it on I'm preheating on 180 degrees Put the fan on as well So let it preheat while I chop This baby's there Okay, so I have chopped my onion and garlic I'm gonna heat up some olive oil So that is like a lot

But remember it's great style and as I know very well for having family in Greece they use lots of olive oil Also the good things that when we fry these bad boys Slowly is going to actually infuse the flavor to the to the oil So at the end of the day gives more flavor to the day show I'm going to adjust just Six just to start guests I'm skillets, really? Distribute the heat evenly and somehow makes More heat creates more heat so you don't need to go for work with it cast-iron skillet Oh and in case you're wondering what that is, that's my leftovers from yesterday That's home a gnocchi I'll share the gnocchi recipe one of these days over so easy but what really makes difference the sauce, so Maybe next week Alright Alright so now they're nice and golden Jewelry you want to go too far don't wanna have them burn

I especially the garlic when he's burnt just has a very very bitter taste like Boop So I'm going to add the beans in tomato sauce now Splutters That's real great style Now I'm so I'm going to give it a good stir So it's well mixed and I'm just going to let it reduce a bit So I Don't know how long it's gonna take me ten fifteen minutes really depends For you guys at home in depends What's over that cookware you use It depends on your stove the power how powerful it is Mine is fairly powerful and obviously with the cast-iron skillet, so like helps a lot Alright so it's been a few minutes It's looking good

It's reducing slowly, but surely I'm on medium heat there Yeah, it's very important to keep an eye on it and just like start every now and then because you never know something something must Stay in the bottom get burned So You may have noticed That I didn't season it I didn't put any salt I didn't put any herbs yet and in case you're wondering why it's Because we are reducing it So if I had put the salt at the beginning According to my taste once I've reduced it it will be way too salty and Because the water is evaporating but the salt remains so it would be too salty and Whenever I would have used any spicy herb in general when the goal is to reduce It is better to season it at the end because especially we saw that it's extremely difficult to rectify that you just have to Double the portion to make up for the extra salt So I'm just going to let it reduce completely And then once this is done, I am going to season it before it goes in the oven Because once in the oven is not going to reduce much more that's just really the End of the dish just finish it So if you're wondering that's why All right, so it's finished reducing She just about like oh By help yeah, so you see it's um, it's not completely dry is to have nice sauce there to cover the games So now I'm going to Good pinches

Oh Yeah, boom is stingy on the sauce because this can tomatoes the current citric acid inside So they're more sour than the fresh too much light anymore and you know good Good handful of oregano So this one is With big fresh in my garden and we tried it so it's four flavors If you don't have such thing, I suggest using fresh one you can buy Whole branch sometimes even the potted plants and then you can replant it in your garden or on your windowsill It lives very well at any season It survives the winter and ice every season is such a robust Give it a stir All right now That stage right? It's up to you you can You can just pop it in the oven as is or you can sprinkle some cheese on top It's very nice with shred Mozzarella So it's really up to you because I'm not going to eat that

This is for my husband I am going to sprinkle a shredded mozzarella on it Just uh just that layer just a little bit don't have too much to it Well Motorola is not to tasties That's good But still we don't overpower the rest of the dish It's not really the great way, but that's a nice little issue I'm just going to finish it for about ten to fifteen minutes you Know I'm gonna for twelve just meeting halfway So it's been ten minutes as you can see the cheese has melted Beautifully it's nice and crisp and golden brown I Just love the way the tomato sauce is looks bubbling around So if you were to bake it without cheese It will dry out and the tops make a thin layer and I just love that but that's the giant beans brick style Thanks for watching Bon Appetit You

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