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Hello! Good morning guys This is Pinoy Layf Haks and welcome to my Youtube channel

and because i woke up late (10:30 am already) and no work I decided to cook for lunch because it's brunch (beakfast and lunch) time already Because I can't go out to buy anything in store I just cook what I have here I have here bitter gourd and it's good Garlic There are some ingredients here

Join me and I will teach you how to cook It's nice for the millenials Much better if you know how to cook while you are still single Not just being a (ML) mobile legend expert Even in kitchen we know to work

I will prepare the ingredients that we are going to use So easy Kids, watch and learn Here's our ingredients Bitter gourd Garlic

Onion Salt As simple as that Tomato (optional) You can add meat or shrimp or Boneless chicken As simple as that I'll prepare so we can start So, we're ready Slice all the ingredients

I already beat the egg (optional) Heat oil on the pan I will use virgin olive oil Must be virgin not pregnant (just kidding) Small amount of oil It is not necessary to use olive oil You can use any kinds of cooking oil

Sauteed garlic and onion Then, add the bitter gourd Mix all Then, add the tomato You can add water Add salt to taste

I use Himalayan salt from the mountain of Himalaya Lastly add the boneless chicken Then mix You can add ground black pepper (optional) As simple as that

Mix again Done! It's ready! So, we're done I already transfer on the plate Bitter gourd with boneless chicken by Pinoy Layf Haks I hope you learned a lot

Just try! It's so easy and nutritious

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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