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How to Cook Green Beans Like a Pro


[UltraVid id=329 ]Nobody likes mushy dull colored
vegetables, unfortunately green beans fall victim to this every time. I’m going
to show you a simple two-step process called blanch and shock that allows you
to make bright green, crispy green beans every single time. To start you want to gather all of your equipment and your ingredients What I like to get is a
large pot of water boiling on the stove. For one pound of green beans I recommend
about 12 cups of water or three quarts of water and then also add one teaspoon
of salt so that you can season the green beans
at the same time. What this does is that it tenderizes the green beans so they’re
nice and soft and crisp when you eat them. So get the water boiling, when it’s at a nice roiling boil you want to add the green beans carefully into the
pot. The water looks perfect so I’m going to add them right now. The process of blanching just takes
about two to three minutes so make sure you keep a close eye on the beans you’ll
see the chlorophyll molecule inside of the green bean turn from a dull green to
a bright green color and that’s when you want to take them out of the water. The last step of this process to stop the color change of the green beans is
to shock the green beans in icy cold water there’s about 4 cups of water to 3
cups of ice in this ice water bath. I’m going to transfer the green beans, see
how bright green they are to the cold water. Adding the green beans to the cold water
is going to immediately stop the cooking process so that the beans stay nice and
crisp and bright green, you want to keep them in the water bath for about five
minutes or so. Once the green beans are done chilling you’re going to want to
transfer them to a bowl. See how nice and bright and green they are. From here you
can refrigerate them and use them at another time and just reheat them when
you’re ready. They’re really great for meal prepping or making your lunches so
that they’re ready cooked and ready to go, or really great for holidays when
you’re trying to get everything together ahead of time and then the last thing
all you need to do is to reheat these and toss them with any flavorings or
oils and seasonings that you want for your side dish. The blanch and shocked
green beans should have a nice bright green color and crunchy texture and if
you’ve got that then you know you’ve done it right

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