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How To Cook Ham In a Pressure Cooker



hey spices so in today's video we're going to be cooking ham but we're gonna be cooking it in the instant pot so we can save room in our oven for other dishes such as baked mac and cheese pies and green bean casserole so let's go spice things up alright so we're going to take this ham and put it in the pot now this ham is kind of big it is seven point ninety seven pounds and this is a six quart pot so I am going to have to cut it a little bit on the top to be able to fit fit it in but I couldn't find any smaller hams if you have an 8 quart you'll be fine okay so before I put the ham in I am actually going to put these foil slings in basically what you do is you take foil and you fold it up so you're going to put one in on one side and this makes it so that you can pull the ham out because the hand gets kind of heavy and it's hard to pull out so you just want to make these slings like this just like this so they're crisscrossed alright so now you can put your ham in and if you see I just cut it at the bottom so it could fit alright so I actually turned it over so I could close the lid now we're going to add the really simple ingredients which is a half a cup of brown sugar and then 1/2 a cup of maple syrup alright now for the liquid / tangy we are going to add 1 can of sliced pineapples make sure you put the juice from the pineapples in here that is your liquid that you need for your instant pot okay so I'm going to take the sliced pineapples and just fit them in on the sides because as you remember this ham is pretty big if you have plenty of room put it wherever pour the juice over okay so now you'll just take your foil and just put it like this in there all right time to put the lid on and turn it to sealing okay so I'm going to turn my instant pot on to Manuel and I'm gonna be cooking mine for 15 minutes and then I'll let it naturally release for 10 minutes as you may know almost all store-bought hams are actually already cooked fully cooked so basically it's a heating process but if you happen to raise your own pigs or if you are from a different country where yours isn't fully cooked then you'll want to cook yours for 90 minutes and then let it naturally release for about 15 but we're going to cook ours for 15 minutes let it naturally release for 10 and then we'll be back okay so it's been naturally releasing for 10 minutes all right so now we're gonna release the valve yep perfect there's no steam coming out all right moment of truth let's check it that smells really good you can actually smell the pineapple all right so now you do to get the ham out is you use the foil on all these sides and lift it out make sure all the liquid drips out and then you can put it down and it's done alright guys I am super excited to try this ham we are ready for the holidays let's give it a try mmm there is perfect flavor in here and the wonderful thing about cooking it in the instant pot you don't have to worry about your ham drying out like you do in the oven well thank you guys so much for watching if you have any questions please comment below thank you guys so much bye and see you in the next video

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