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how to cook hash in urdu/hindi (Eng Subtitle)



Today i will tell u That's how we will cook hash and how we can have hash in different ways you can see its a hash So thts how we will cook it Many ppl cook hash in a wrong way so the 1st wrong way to cook They set fire on hash to cook it so the hash trun black n does ur hand littel dirty so thts y i will tell you the best way You will hold it from side to n n cook hash just from heat Now place hash on ur hand n here i will tell u tht the gud hash never make your hands dirty while cooking as you can see again give it heat from side You can also cook hash for the second time if you want depends on wat kind of hash ur using and now it's ready as you can watch the hand is clear n clear tht was todayz video subcribe n keep watching Today I will tell you how we have cooked hook and how we can use the hash in different ways you can see how it cooks it How many ppl cook has a wrong way so that they are set to cook the 1st wrong way

I have to tell you that you can tell me that you have to do it You have never been able to cook your hands as you cook again as you can see it again from the heat and you can also cook the second time for cooking if you want the wat kind of hash using it and now it is ready to watch the hand is clean n clear tht wasz video

Source: Youtube

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