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Today were going to learn how to cook in English That's right! We're going to learn how to chop like Jamie Oliver, how to season like Gordon Ramsey and how to grill like Mary Berry

But before we do, I'd like to say a big thank you to the good people at Skillshare for helping to sponsor this video Now you guys know I'm passionate about learning and I think it's the most positive thing that we can do Now Skillshare is a great online learning platform with thousands of classes for you to try Now I'm going to tell you more about Skillshare later on and an amazing offer that I have just for you guys Let's do this

I've been watching a lot of the cooking videos on Skillshare and I've learned loads about cooking So I wanted today to teach you guys verbs that you need to know if you want to cook in English So let's get right to number one Peel I'm peeling a carrot

Chop I'm chopping a carrot Dice I'm dicing an onion Deseed

I'm deseeding a pepper Slice I'm slicing a loaf of bread Spread I'm spreading butter onto the bread

Grate I'm grating some cheese I've been learning how to cook with Skillshare and they've taught me how to chop, to slice and to bake like a pro As I said before Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of classes waiting for you So it doesn't matter what your interest is, if it's business, graphic design, art whatever it is they've got thousands of classes for you

Now, why do I love Skillshare for learning English There are three reasons Firstly they use natural everyday English Secondly you'll get to expand your vocabulary with a wide variety of topics and interests And lastly, you get to learn English through your passions and your interests so if you love cooking then their cooking videos are perfect for learning English

If you are interested in starting a business then watching their business videos are going to give you the important key vocabulary relating to business Very excitingly Skillshare are offering two months free trial to the first 500 Eat Sleep Dreamers that sign up The link is in the description below This free trial will give you access to the premium content so you can watch any of their videos, any time, anywhere So guys what are you waiting for? Click the link below, go sign up for your free two month trial and start learning with Skillshare

Pour I'm pouring a drink Simmer The water is simmering Boil

I'm boiling an egg Stir I'm stirring the water Season I'm seasoning the chicken

Fry I'm frying some chicken Taste I'm tasting some chicken Serve

I'm serving the food Guys, how was that? Did you enjoy that? Did you know all twenty cooking verbs? Are there any others that you can share in the comments below so that we can learn English together? Let me know As always guys, go check out my Instagram account I put daily English content on there On my Instagram stories, also of course on Facebook

I've got new videos every Tuesday and every Friday helping you take your English to the next level Make sure you hit that subscribe button and that like button but until next time guys this is Tom, the Chief Dreamer, saying goodbye

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