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How to cook… in ITALIAN! VERBS for COOKING | Learn Italian



Hi, I am Anna and this is My Italian Circle If you love Italian cuisine, maybe you’d like to make some of those mouth-watering dishes at home, and the best way is to go directly to the source, and read recipes in Italian! Today you’ll learn the most common cooking verbs and we’ll read the recipe of a delicious risotto together! Keep watching! And show us some love by subscribing to our channel now! Now let’s see the most common verbs for cooking: Well, mantecare is a special verb; there is no real translation for it in English, and yet it’s an essential word in any Italian kitchen! Mantecare comes from the Spanish mantequilla, butter, and it’s a technique that gives your dish a delicious creamy texture

Add butter and grated cheese to the risotto when it’s almost finished, and stir until you get the desired creaminess These verbs belong to the first conjugation Let’s conjugate one of them together: If you’re wondering why the letter C is pronounced /ʧ/ and /k/, check our videos about Italian pronunciation! We'll put the link in the comments below Now, some more verbs: These verbs belong to the second and third conjugation: watch our videos about verb conjugation to review how they work Now, let’s learn the nouns that you will need to understand our ricetta

Let’s start with the ingredients: Other useful words: Now you’re ready for your first Italian recipe in Italian! Forza! Verbs in recipes are usually in the infinitive or imperative form That’s all for today

If you want to learn more about Italian cooking and its vocabulary, subscribe to our channel! Don’t forget to invite me over when your risotto is ready! Ciao!

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New Cookery Recipes
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