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How to cook Instant Microwave very chocolaty Muffins in Israa's style



Hello my name is Israa I can make blueberry cupcakes today First I will add one 2/3 cup of flour Can I add it now? Now I will add brown sugar baking powder now I will add cocoa powder Can I add it now? Two spoons? Now I will mix ingredients

Butter now I can take the spoon Wao That's so wavy Now milk Let's add eggs now I'll be really careful, OK? MIX MIX MIX pop ons???????? Extremely angry because mama mixed it and made it chocolaty She wanted to do it by herself wait let me make it just right Now I am done!!! Done mama I can put it in a bowl Now I will put blueberries oop let's put it in a bowl I know what to do See it is not dripping Let's put it in the oven It's ready Let's try it why it is not sticking? Yummy! Thank you for watching my channel subscribe Subscribe Please subscribe Bye Bye

Source: Youtube

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