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How to Cook Instant Pot Whole Frozen Chicken + Homemade Bone Broth Recipe



– Good morning friends, we are having a wet day today We are still having rain from Hurricane Florence coming through our area

We are having a full on homeschool day and five of the kids have dance this afternoon but I'm not gonna do a homeschool vlog I thought today I would show you how I'm cooking a whole frozen chicken in the Instant Pot and continue on the process, how I've been doing homemade chicken bone broth in the Instant Pot as well So here we go, let's go get a chicken While I was getting everything ready, I went ahead and put the Instant Pot on saute You can do that if you have time, it just helps everything get heating up

And I put about three tablespoons of Kerrygold butter in there I'm also sprinkling in a little bit of thyme and I'll put some salt and pepper on top of it as well So of course you never try to put your Instant Pot lid on whenever it's on saute mode, so I'm just gonna hit cancel Then we're gonna get our lid on (lid locking in place) Okay, and then we put it over here on sealing and then I'm going to put it on manual, on high, and it'll be for a whole hour

This is quick peek at our breakfast We are doing a whole bunch of scrambled eggs and we have about 16 biscuits in the oven, too So this did a natural release, which took about 15 to 20 minutes and then I was answering e-mails so there it is, it's been 32 minutes since this chicken has finished Let's take a look at it There is our instant pot chicken

We got all kinds of butter, all kinds of broth going on Now, also, what you need to do, what I need to do, is take the internal temperature The chicken needs to be at least 165 degrees and also make sure the thermometer doesn't touch the bone Oh, 200 degrees now, going on up Just dissected this chicken that was our science experiment

Here is all the meat that I'm going to save I've been having a big craving for deconstructed egg roll, or you can also call it egg roll in a bowl It's where you take cabbage and sesame seed oil, just all kinds of good vegetables and you can use chicken or whatever protein you have but I got a fresh cabbage today and I think I'm going to make that very soon Here is what is left for the chicken I could pick it just a little deeper

Overall I think this is good, especially since the kids and I have to get back to reading here in a few minutes So I'm gonna put this in the Instant Pot I'm gonna add in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar This is one of the best apple cider vinegars you can buy and it doesn't cost that much I wanna say it's like $2/$3 a bottle? The apple cider vinegar pulls all the good nutrients out of the bones

If you had carrot scraps, if you had little strips of celery, any kind of vegetable scraps you have can also go into making the bone broth I don't have any on hand without purposely chopping vegetables right now plus we gotta get back to homeschool read aloud time so this lid is going on It is gonna go on manual, high, for two hours Okay friends, so I've been running kids around to dance and all of that but I'm home now and we are gonna have a look at the bone broth So that is what it looks like

So this is just my little makeshift contraption here I'm just gonna put a colander in a bowl, pour the bone broth in here, to now get all the pieces of bones and chunks out What I'm going to do with this bone broth is I'm going to just put it in eight ounce jars and put it in the refrigerator because I am personally going to drink this and use this myself So here you go, we have 80 ounces of chicken bone broth ready to go You can see that I am putting my bone broth in jars

Like I said, I'm going to keep these in my refrigerator for several days I think that I very well will use them up over the next several days just to give myself something because I am working on losing weight, all of that When I feel like I need a meal, I can have some bone broth instead Then whatever I don't use, I will put into the freezer These are the jars that I'm using

They are freezer safe, quilted jelly jars They're just eight ounces There are lots of tips and tricks when it comes to actually freezing glass so you'll want to research that I'll also link a helpful article for you in the description below So this momma is done for the day now

I'm gonna put my bone broth in the refrigerator and that is that If you'd like the recipe and the step by step directions, head over to largefamilytablecom and I will have the directions, yet again, on how to cook a whole frozen chicken in the Instant Pot and how to make homemade bone broth with that chicken Thanks for watching and goodnight

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