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How to Cook Japanese Instant Fried Noodles (Yakisoba)



Welcome to Inside Japan and our guide on how to noodle First step is the easiest

You take off the plastic wrapping from around the noodles This plastic is recyclable For the next step you need to pull back the lid but don't pull back too far Just far enough to take out the ingredients You might want to tilt and wiggle the bowl to make sure that you pulled out all of the ingredient packets

Most instant yakisoba packages have step-by-step instructions, but the next step can be tricky if you don't know how to read Japanese If there is a clear packet of dried vegetables, you can open it and put it with the noodles before you pour the hot water In Japan electric kettles are very common and are ideal for instant noodles You should pour the hot water until the water reaches the line or the groove on the bowl Pouring cold water onto the noodles and sticking it into the microwave is not a good idea

After you're done pouring close the lid and pinch the tab to keep it closed You can put the liquid packets on the lid to hold it down and make sure the ingredients are easy to pour The next step is to peel off the small tab in the back and drain the water You might want to make sure the lid is closed and turn everything slightly upside down After removing the water you take the lid off completely

This is where you pour out the other packets onto the noodles If you pour everything in one area it'll be harder to mix it later The best thing to do is to spread everything out evenly After you've poured out everything you need to mix everything together with the noodles For the best results you may want to take your time and make sure everything is mixed evenly

Some of the noodles on the bottom might not be mixed well So, be sure not to forget the bottom noodles After you're done mixing you can enjoy your instant yakisoba If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts lease leave them in the comment section down below or you can contact us on Twitter @InsideJapanInfo Thank you for watching our video and we hope you can join us again

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