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How to cook Japanese Nikujaga beef stew & recipe【 Neo Japanese Cooking 】



Let's cook Nikujaga Hi, welcome to Neo Japanese Cooking! I'm Chef KG

In this video, I'm gonna show you how to cook Nikujaga which is Japanese beef stew "Niku" means meat "Jaga" means potato Nikujaga was born in the 19th century A Japanese chef tried to copy western stew using Japanese ingredients

I like an izakaya called "Shirube" in Tokyo and I got inspired I will cook modern style Japanese nikujaga I'm going to use red wine for this nikujaga which is not a typical ingredient for Japanese nikujaga This western style nikujaga goes well with bread or pasta too Let's start cooking nikujaga! Here's ingredients

beef potato carrot onion tomato baguette red wine shiitake & kombu dashi Please watch "How to make cold brew dashi" if you haven't watched soy sauce mirin salt ground pepper cooking oil Here's instructions Wash all the vegetables Peel potatoes Slice potatoes

Peel a carrot Slice carrots Slice an onion Make tomato puree Let's prepare dashi

Measure dashi Measure red wine Measure mirin Measure soy sauce Cut beef into dices

Put salt and pepper Heat up a pan Measure cooking oil After heating up cooking oil, cook beaf just sear a surface of beef

Put beef aside Cook potatoes, carrots, onion Use low heat Cook about 3 minuets Add beef

Add red wine Add dashi Add soy sauce & mirin Add tomato puree Keep cooking about 10 minutes on low heat

Please make sure nikujaga won't get too dry You can prepare baguette Nikujaga is ready! You can dip baguette into nikujaga How did you like cooking nikujaga? If you like this video, please hit like & subscribe to my channel Also if you have any questions or requests, please leave it in comments

Thanks for watching! I will see you in the next video

Source: Youtube

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