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How to cook Japanese traditional food "udon"?



Hello, I'm Aeru Today I cook one of the most famous Japanese dishes: Udon Let's get started First we put the dashi (broth) in the pot Next Put the udon noodles in the pot Turn on the stove Turn on the extractor hood And stir Prepare a plate while it cooks Cut spring onions Open an egg Mix egg yolk and egg white The egg is ready Add the egg to the udon Put a lid on the pot and wait a while Serve the food on the plate Spring onions as a topping Fried balls (Agetama) Agetama also as a topping Finished Let us eat

Delicious! Thank you for watching Until next time Slip of the tongue: Turn on And turn on the Venti I forgot

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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