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HOW TO COOK : JAPCHAE 잡채 집표 간단잡채



If you like noodles, you gotta try You gotta try

If you like noodles, You definitely go to go for it All right Hi youtube! Tonight I'm going to make Japchae is also well-known Korean dish as well And tomorrow is Father's Day and which I kind of go little cooking for the family They love Japchae So I'd give it a shot mushroom, spinach, carrot again and onions We still have a bunch too you can use a zucchini but I'll just keep it for this time maybe some eggs alright And

this! So Dang-myeon, Korean Vermicelli please comment somebody who can read properly Made out of potato tach 'Sweet potato starch' is correct You'll easily find this in the Korean market So Seems (like) there's gonna be few people who's gonna have it so I just kind of think a little extra then I usually would do probably noodles Those will be enough or I can use all more those will serve five, at least five people so I gonna use that Onion is, One will be okay but Just pick out the big one all right one and a half onion entire bag of mushrooms and spinach One carrot Maybe one and half

that's it and I can go start prepare Well this amounts is more than five plus people so we need a big pot I'm getting the biggest pot out of our household At the same time, Just get extra water for prepare waiting on water the knife, pillar, the grinder so put our first always the main dish I gotta go for the second one as well, I gotta use this one at this time because it's just a little further that way also boil those Put in high Wash Spinach first Those you cannot eat Gently as usual This time I gonna go for three small pieces okay No great plate, but this is biggest bowl we have I'll just put that in here We're here Pour in and do not exceed more than a minute oh shoot WHoooHUH Yeah It shrunk a lot! This stove I hate it

Because you can see all smoke is coming out everyday problem solved water's up Shovel in make sure stir so it wouldn't stick all together okay? If the noodles aren't all cooked see If you boil a little? Be careful this is hot so good You'll find the point when it's not that hard Not that cold noodles??? Noodles I cooked a little less(time) because I'm expecting tomorrow I have to heat it up again and that will eventually make a little different Carrot Hi rabbit Always be careful when you're in use of these, sharp knife, peeler Any kind of you know the tools that you use it Don't ever hurry because those the peelers will peel your skin

And no one want's that okay you can use knife but I just found everyday since this is a dollar knife it's not as sharp, Go over the grinder it's easier, faster and messier You know what I hate doing dishes People all like that, though I believe right? I try to be more efficient as best as I can and so I'm just gonna use it one cooking plate I guess I decided use just one

This is called 'Paengi busot' in Korea so we eat a lot of those especially with Sam-gyeob-sal just rinse it when I take shower I make sure I use a Soap Maybe I start with the egg first So for the eggs, get a bowl I try to be healthy, so I try not to put as much salt than I normally do it's heated good okay, spatula I can do all the flipping thing but this one may be too hard All right looks good Make sure you put in on mid-fire If you put too high

You'll ended up burn it okay, egg seems good Golden Color Cook until it's mushy little decoration here, I'll go with mushroom Oil on it this mushroom, you might need a salt little bit Also this veggie mushroom it doesn't need it that cook long just as long as gets mushy that's it maybe I need a little bit cutting though Too long Lastly, it's you carrot! bit of oil eggs should be cooled down by now yeah my hands are made out of metal You can decide your length when you call how well you are as chef The thickness will remain same if you are experienced and loads of skills all right that's what goes in in here

I made it more than I expected oops hot so it's almost done Lastly, put in Cham-gi-reum Sesame oil And Ganjang (soy sauce) this (specific)soy sauce is meant for soup but still get you kind of salty taste so we're just gonna use it anyway Wooohooo wooohooo soy sauce you gotta be careful because when it needs more salty, you can add on more but when it's salty you can't do anything just liiiiiiiitle bit Do you know, what this motion is? it's Jjajang-myeon I gotta make that video about that too okay Need more salt

and bit of sugar and top of that sesame seed I missed to film adding sugar and I didn't have sesame seed at the time Han-jut-ga-rak ha-sil-re-ye? (Do you want a bite?) If you're noodle person You definitely have to try this Besides, it's vegetarian Healthy for you I hope you enjoyed my video and the recipe and I'll see you next time don't forget to subscribe and hit likes Thanks for watching learn Korean recipe and learn how to use chopsticks I'll make another video

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