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How to cook Korean ramyeon *ENG CC



hello! today I'm gonna cook Ramyeon To be prepared pot done! It can measure amount of water It can be bowl we can put chopsticks here fisrt step! open the Ramyeon done! with Ramyeon put Ramen soup vegetable powder and base powder and turn inside out put a hot pepper (chilli) because I like to eat SPICY!! 1 spoon 2 spoons bring noodle into contact with air It makes noodle more chewy and than put a egg I got some on my hand It's always on a hand Looks good!!! isn't it? I'm watching it againhmm I'm getting hungry Bring it in the bowl with soup ohIt's too hot OK 1 more 2 more! cough cough cough with egg ha because it's been a while it's so delicious can you see the sweat wow I put everything else in yummy Ramyeon Muckbang end!

Source: Youtube

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