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So this is why, Kimchi is so important to Korean Always eat with the kimchi Today, I gonna make the appetizer which is Soong-nyung or Noo-roong-ji 숭늉 OR 누룽지!! Scrub down an old rice, cold rice and you can fry it or You can put (fire) it in low Just simply add water and then boil it That's the Noo Roong Ji Tang for you Or Soong Nyung So I gonna put it low Just scrub as much as you can Korea was poor back in a days So this is the recipe that kinda calms your stomach (from hunger) Just boil and that's about it and put it in high So pretty much it's done

You can little scrub, Scrub the bottom And little Noo roong ji Yeah it's good to go It's good for the winter and when it cools down, good as well why don't you go and make it? 캬~! KHAAAA~~! (Impression of something is great) Han Ttok Bae Gi, Ha Sil Re Ye ? (Would you like bowl of food?) This is why, Kimchi is so important to Korean We always eat with kimchi 아~~ Ahh~~~ (Open your mouth) 이맛이지, 이맛! Emart easy, Emart! (This is it, period!) if you like my videos please hit likes and don't forget to subscribe

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New Cookery Recipes
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