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How To Cook Like A Pro In 5 Minutes


[UltraVid id=114 ]well hey there do you like most people seem to think cooking is really hard well that’s Bukit in the next five minutes we’re going to show you ten simple techniques to become a badass cook for all occasions learn how to hold and handle a knife if you can handle your mini sword properly you can cut all kinds of stuff you’ve got three main options one a preferred way to pinch the blade with your thumb and pointer finger and wrap your other fingers around it gives you great control and by balancing a weight it makes your hand one with the blade – you’ve got the reach around it works but not as well and three to hold the knife with your fingers and point the other one down the blade for no apparent reason a sure way to piss off any chef oh and be sure to curl your fingers back when you’re cutting so you don’t chop those little is off step 2 learn how to cut there are lots of different ways to cut you’ve got dicing using the vegetable to create a grid producing nice little cube like pieces mincing holding the blade down with your other hand while rocking to finally cut into little pieces chopping you can cube stuff up slicing a rocking motion with knife tip on cutting board and my personal favorite cut out over the hell you want and then tell people that dish is rustic number three season your food while there are many types of seasonings for food salt is without a doubt the most important one no matter how much effort you put into a meal if you forget the salt it’s probably going to taste like nothing don’t be shy with the salt either salt your meat and veggies before cooking salt your water before boiling rice and pasta and when making a soup stew or sauce start with a little salt taste it and slowly keep adding the salt until you can really taste the flavors don’t want to tasting too salty no of course not so just stop before the salt overtakes the flavor you’ll get the hang of it number four learn how to roast roasting is simple just don’t forget about your food or it’s short or burn simply get your oven hot around 400 to 450 degrees toss some vegetables in oil a little salt maybe some pepper and throw those suckers in the oven if I were you I would turn them around halfway through once they browned up nicely on one side and then continue to roast them and just like that voila beautiful roasted veg oh and be careful not to touch the hot pan out of the oven oh that’s no good you wouldn’t believe it but most people don’t know the difference between a boil and a simmer we’ll use rice to demonstrate take one part rice to two parts water and add it to a pan now turn off the heat look it’s boiling you see the bubbles constantly breaking the surface now turn the heat down low to a simmer when simmering you should only see a bubble break the surface every few moments or so not the constant bubble in the case of rice once it’s simmering you can cover it and cook it on low so you won’t burn the bottom remember boil equal bubbles simmer equal sometimes bubbles step 6 sauteing sauteing sounds much fancier than it is likely because of the French it involves heating up a pan adding some oil and adding in vegetables and other things and then cooking them till they look extra delicious seasoning when you need to once the veggies are frying you can move them around from time to time of the pan swirling the pan with your hand to make it look like you know what you’re doing or if you really want to get sexy try flipping those vegetables up in the air the ladies love that one trust me I would know mmm now now you wouldn’t know no I wouldn’t but you can imagine would it be like if I did right number seven blanching sounds complicated I know but don’t worry it’s pretty simple just bring your pan of water to a boil add some vegetables for about 30 to 60 seconds and then just immediately add them to some ice water to shock them and stop the cooking you see how pretty and vibrant the color is this helps to preserve the freshness while taking out the bitterness then you can just cook them in a pan saute them up or eat them as is number eight searing one of my favorite things to do simply get some meat or fish Pat it dry get a pan real hot and add some oil and just when that oil starts to smoke that’s when you can add your protein make sure you lay it away from you so you don’t burn your face off with hot oil let it sit untouched for a few minutes until golden on one side flip it on to the other side and then do same for a really thick cut of meat you can always toss it in the oven to finish the cooking process then simply let it rest for about five to ten minutes so the juices settle slice it up and sexy meat juicy heaven here we come sauces range from something as easy as mixing ketchup with a few things and calling it barbecue sauce to more fancy sauces but however you swing it a sauce can be the difference between a good and a great dish and if you drive your meat by overcooking it it can be a real lifesaver remember those bits at the bottom of the pan from our steak fry tossing some onion mushrooms and garlic fry them up real quick on high heat and then toss in some liquid such as wine water or stock to deglaze the pan aka getting those tasty little bits of flavor off the bottom add in some parsley a whole bunch of butter and voila delicious sauce oh yeah be sure to taste it for seasoning your friends will think you’re so fancy step 10 plating your food the final step to becoming an awesome cook in minutes is of course the presentation balancing colors treating your plate like an art canvas it always works wonders for even the most mediocre of dishes it’s all about preference and perception is half the battle so take your time making it look beautiful and remember if you don’t have much food use a smaller plate everything will look bigger just like that last time when you shaved your balls congratulations now you’re officially a chef and you can skip going to culinary school be sure to stick around next time when we teach you how to skin the goat of a donkey click that beautiful subscribe link for endless brothers green videos and check out these other related videos

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