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How to Cook: Macaroni and Cheese!


[UltraVid id=333 ]all right welcome we are now in my kitchen and today I am with Ross and he’s gonna why are you in the frickin clock now get this George we’re getting this going alright so today we will be doing a tutorial on how to cook the delicious macaroni and cheese because that’s my all-time favorite thing to eat as well as cook hey just wait what are you wearing I’m just wearing normally way of did you know top item two pairs of glasses and to answer yeah it makes me look fly and that’s what I need to do all right I’m not going to do it which makes me like a fly on the wall I’m here to observe and help I’m here to observe it out Tommy okay we’re about now we are going to start cooking so what’s the first thing you need rolls uh do we have the medic and cheese itself absolutely we have it right here crap from the best kind of it produces what I see about drinking too freaking up which you’re gonna cook down stop which is gonna cook now please stop I’ll stop all right so step number one else what are you doing now you’re gonna hold the rod no no no stop stop no no no stop what you’re gonna hurt yourself no the only one who’s hurting anyone what do you you hit the all right so apparently you cannot comprehend opening a box so I’m gonna do it you already opened all the cheese and stop it I’m just going on know what stop moving it’s not before stop oh stop okay now we got to let it cook okay we gotta at least let it cook for least ten to fifteen minutes okay can you handle that can you what are we gonna do for 10-15 minutes absolutely would stop drinking now I’m sick and tired of this all right I suppose we’re doing it tortoise it’s not our thing I’m just thirsty just then have a water or something you get a frickin border on the bread I’m so sorry so wakame phonetic coach let me show you what else we’re gonna be so wait when the macaroni is done how long it’s been than one no I just we’re still waiting yeah no it’s not like literally a minute like yellows than we need why because it’s not cooked is it in the pot it’s in a pot don’t I just watch you will hurt yourself stop I just want to sorry stop sorry once they’re fine yes sir you can start sir you stop and give myself wet though I didn’t even bring my water wings oh I can’t get wet dah Wow Wow where you keep getting these what what are you doing yup not only are you wasting of your get get move well I’ll do this right so what will stop stirring do not use your frickin sword or whatever the hell this is starts up you are not hoping in a slightest not you’re wasting food you’re wasting drinks and I know why are you here why did you invite me here I was playing call of duty yeah do not help it I don’t know why it went what are you doing why did you put in the fridge another gun yeah you’re not open anymore I’m tired and I’m just sick of you stop no what do you want it wait put it down don’t put it down put it yeah

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