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Hi welcome Today is a delicious and very simple product from a product of <i> mezzeMarin </ i>

have many interesting tastes We're going to make a meal Frozen mackerel fillets

Mackerel is a very tasty fish It has a very strong taste So many different things can be done with it What we're going to do today is simple We'il bake it and serve it with a potato salad

The potato salad will be a little more interesting than the way we normally do Because mustard, saffron, lemon juice and olive oil will be Now Let's take a look at our materials today Our potatoes are here We boiled for 15-20 minutes Mackerel fillets Lemon

Mustard Saffron Garlic Smoked red pepper Fresh onion

Salt, pepper and olive oil Simple Not much material Very tasty and very easy to prepare First we start with our mortar and pestle

Into we're putting garlic in a tooth And And a full teaspoon of smoked red pepper And a little salt And black pepper Now we have to crush the garlic

We want him to be a nice mash Salt also makes it easier to crush the garlic We're starting to crush them all together When it's crushed we'il add some olive oil

So we'll get a lot of strong taste This goes very well with mackerel Light smoked It will taste a full Mediterranean cuisine Into about one teaspoon of olive oil We're looking for consistency We'il put the fillets in the oven and put them on top

The thing that happened a porridge of all the ingredients We get the rest off the air To achieve the crushing consistency we need to add some more olive oil

And now we take our mackerel fillets The skin part we turn it down We're taking our pie

Our crushing as a teaspoon of to each of our fillets After that Butter to mackerel Just like a massage Let's make sure we get all the crushed fish

And you will see the color change This will add a pleasant taste The mackerel will give you a deep and rich taste We took our crush Now

What we have to do is wait 20-30 minutes Very strong taste We don't need to marinate for so long

But you'd better marinate Welcome back After 20 minutes We're looking at our mackerel Last time lightly spread so that it is as uniformly as possible And we get our baking tray We're turning our mackerels to the tray

We put baking paper in it Then it makes cleaning easier We're taking our mackerel and trays We place

And the rest of the crush to the skin of the fish Now we will give them to our oven, which was preheated to 250 degrees About 8-10 minutes Cooking time is quite short

Fish does not last much longer to cook And the fillets aren't that big Fish will cook in 8-10 minutes During this time we will make a potato salad which will go well with the fish First of all we take our clean fresh onions

And we're cutting about half We'il put them in a potato salad The taste is lighter than the normal onion Thus, we will provide a pleasant balance to our food We took it and chopped it

These potatoes about for fifteen minutes We took it out of the hot water We had a little cold water

I mean, they're stuffed, but they're not too soft We want them to maintain a bit of consistency Now I'm gonna slice them We shouldn't put it as a whole We want to make it work all over the sauce

The important thing in this part is that the potatoes are not completely cold If they get a little warm they suck the sauce better, and then it tastes better Slicing potatoes This is enough for what we're going to do today

And we put them in our bowl Then we combine it with our fresh onions At this point we'il go on like a regular potato salad What's interesting is the next thing we'il do next

We're going back to our mortars and havan We're taking a pinch of saffron This will give her a warm, slim taste And we make the saffron powder

Thus as you can see from the air the taste will be stronger and more intense than the whole saffron Two teaspoons adding whole grain mustard

And half a lemon juice The sweet taste of saffron the acidic taste of lemon and the hot and deep taste of mustard

We're mixing and combining them all We're making sure all the saffron is hardened together At this point we are flavored Lots of black pepper and salt

Now For normal sauce We're roughly doing it 1/3 lemon juice, 2/3 olive oil So About three teaspoons of olive oil Now we combine them all and mix them beautifully And what happened a nice sauce for our potato salad

A pleasant, bright color by the saffron About a third or two adding to our potatoes We mix potatoes with sauce And lightly press the potatoes and crush it

It's important that all the potatoes are fried Thus the pleasant autumn sunshine of saffron At this point Our potatoes are ready Our sauce's ready Now we're just waiting for our mackerel to cook Then we'il get back to service

Now After nine minutes we removed the mackerel from the oven

Their skin is nice and crispy And mackerel, if you noticed, it's still watery when it's pressed The most important thing is cooking too much Or it dries and becomes an unpleasant thing

As for the service We've gone through a lot of trouble to do such a nice thing We want him to look beautiful in the end

What are we gonna do? You can put potato salad directly and ruin it We're gonna take a little ring our potato salad We fill He's gonna give this meal some height

Then we push our fingers And we're a little tight And then he We are removing And with a little luck

they should stay the way you left Then we take our fillets We're putting two fillets on top And We take our remaining fresh onions We chipped the first ones horizontally We cut them vertically We cut into long strips

They will add a pleasant greenery A lovely, fresh taste They also look beautiful And the remaining sauce pouring it around the mackerel

Baked in the oven Hot So delicious Perfect for a Sunday lunch or dinner

And the construction is simple and fast Mackerel and potato salad

Source: Youtube

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