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How To Cook Mango Paratha Simple Easy Recipe || All-Day Food #Cookwithmercy



Hi Namskar This mango tree and mangoes You are seeing behind me are from our hometown When I saw raw mangoes I thought of making something exciting with mangoes So I am going to make paratha with raw mangoes Now you might think how can we make paratha with raw mangoes Come to my kitchen I will show you First, we will see the ingredients Now, we will peel the mangoes Clean ginger too Cut onion and other things very small grate mangoes Put all ingredients into a bowl I know that all have water in the mouth by seeing mango and chili Add little salt and oil then mix everything Add turmeric in the mix Now add wheat flour and make the dough The dough should be a little tight Mangoes will release some water

So after some time, it will become soft Knead with little water let it rest for 10 minutes After 10 minutes knead the dough again if it sticks on your finger add little more flour and kneed again Divide it into two equal parts Then roll it divide equally and make the balls Make balls from the other half also Here I made 7 balls out of 11/4 cup of wheat flour Now spread it into a round shape you can dust with wheat flour while rolling Heat a pan and cook the paratha in medium flame when one side is done turn and cook the other side too when it is done turn again and apply little oil on both sides press and cook well this paratha is very tasty so please all of you try it You dont need any side dish to have it but we tried with Kerala fish curry , it was so delicious, it is well cooked when brown spot appear take it hot All of you try it , give your comments , subscribe and share with your friends thank you for watching

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New Cookery Recipes
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