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How to cook Mongolian Beef


[UltraVid id=308 ]this one you can see that the muscle goes straight down like this the way you come to meet it’s always so when you eat [Music] [Music] just practicing it and then over time you’ll just it’s like second nature for you if the breast is too thick cut the breast in half first and industry as well they all go out and there’s they know they’re places where they can go that stays open late and it’s usually a chef you’ll see where their little Honnold are like let’s called TGS ginger garlic and green onion has been the scalp changer we still do the same thing with soy sauce [Music] little wine [Music] use the hand [Music] [Music] we can’t make that we normally use the bell pepper vegetable first so you see the walks they clean you don’t have to wash it you don’t have a really well you don’t have so that’s why I suggested like she’s got a giant pot a pan flared walls to me like the walk [Music] and you gotta put in situations where you get that kind of and you don’t want to boil your me like that’s not over [Music] so they don’t clean because we retain that flavoring in the filling you don’t the same house one couldn’t make homes some people don’t don’t clean it out before they fry their anything it because they want that place so it’s very what is that [Music] [Music] there’s gonna be a little bit different so some of them make them really you know sometimes you’ll see that mongolian beef is a spicy dish and others not this is a very classic kind of old-school style my grandmother’s restaurant cooks it like this as well please that you can pretty much use whatever vegetables what I would tell you is more important about Mongolian is that it is more savory with a [Music]

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