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How to Cook Mooli Paratha



hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I'm going to share with you quick and easy very tasty and delicious muli paratha I'm going to use one big mooli white radish daikon and I'm going to use this grater the bigger side we're going to use to grate the Mooli and I already grated it I haven't taken out the water so I'm going to squeeze the grated moli and we're going to discard the water the other ingredient we're going to use green chilli ginger onion and cilantro dried mint ajwain carom seed and its really good for the paratha but if kids don't like it please skip it a cumin seed jeera coriander powder cumin powder salt garam masala red chilli powder each one of them half teaspoon then olive oil for our paratha you can use butter the strictly optional also or you can use vegetable oil and let's start making our delicious muli paratha the muli is grated and this is how it looks and this is the important step grab this much squeeze it just like this if you see all the water coming out the whole reason we're doing all the bitterness is inside the water and also it's a big moisture when you going to roll out in a door then it's going to become wet and very sticky so this is important and also if the kids are not used to eating mooli paratha because it tastes really strong taste so this way when you squeeze all the water out like this then you make paratha I'm squeezing a pretty hard so this is the way now mooli going to look and we're going to use in our paratha and it's going to taste really well and now I'm going to bring all other ingredients first we're going to bring cilantro ginger green chilli onion we're going to mix them well this is looking good now I'm going to bring all the spices cumin mint ajwain carom seed cumin powder coriander powder the red chilli powder salt and garam masala and we're going to mix them well this masala is ready for our muli praatha I have a flatten out the peda and we're going to get good amount of filling and we're going to basically cover it this is the dusting flour we're going to need there and when it comes to paratha you can make a round shape or you can make any shape and this is a quick and easy so we don't have to worry about any size what size we want to make so once it's rolled out this is a good size and if we look it on this side it's nicely rolled up so we going to get our paratha and we put it on the griddle I'm going to start the second one that a good size of peda peda means it's a dough ball or when you make moly paratha this is so delicious you know and on other side if you notice that the color has changed a little bit so I'm going to turn around and I'll put it on this side as soon as we turn it we're going to use olive oil and you can use butter whatever you prefer so we're going to start rolling in the second one so now we're going to it's a good idea use a spatula you don't burn yourself so you turn around then we're going to get oil and with the help of spatula we're just going to make sure that it's nicely coated so once it's nicely covered with oil we're going to flip it over another side and I'm going to bring a gas little bit low and on this side we're here to get filling for our second paratha and we're going to put it in just seal it you know no specific way that you have to seal it this way you just do it and we're going to turn over one more time look at how crispy paratha is look at this it's beautiful nice color and now we're going to roll out one more time we're just going to make sure that we're going to give a crispness on this side as well look at this it's perfect so the gas is on medium and it's all ready and we're going to take out that paratha look at this perfect I'm going to pick up this one and we're going to put it on top as you see it's started to change a color little bit if your hands are too sensitive some kind of spatula and then put oil on top and with the same spatula we can turn around like this so once it's nicely coated this is good and we're going to turn it over perfect and we're going to bring oil on this side not too much you don't want to use it too much then it will basically burn and we'll smoke out to your house more going to give a little time on this side or you can press it like this and look at this how nice texture perfect our mooli Paratha is done if we look at another side so this is your looking perfect I'm going to take it off and this is what I was talking about not too much oil you see there is no oil otherwise it will smoke more our quick and easy mooli paratha is very tasty and very delicious so easy to make and it's a super tasty and super delicious please try it and you're going to like it and if you like this Paratha like all the way like share and subscribe easy steps cooking thank you and have a good day bye bye

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