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How to cook Mutton Shoulder Steam Roast with Masala Rice? (with English subtitles)



Bismillah hir rahman nir Raheem Veiwers today we are going to make mutton steam roast First of all we need to wash the meat and remove the fats and we have dried the meat We have also put the cuts on the meat

First we have to add 4 tsp of vinegar Next we will add 2 tbs papaya paste You can add salt as per your taste I am not adding salt with a spoon I am spreading the salt with my hand so that the taste of the salt can come in every bite You can add salt as per your taste Apply the salt on all the parts of the meat Spread it properly so that the salt is on all the pieces of the meat

You have to put the salt on the first side and the same on the other We have to keep it like this for 30 mins Till that time we will make the masala that we have to put on the meat The ingredients that we need to make the masala for the steam roast are 1 bowl of fresh yogurt Red chilli powder Ginger and garlic oaste dry corriander powder this is mint leave that we have grinded and added 2 lemon squezzed in it We have grinded the mint leaves We have grinded the mint leaves Tikka masala healthy and powder of mixed spices

So let's start making it First of all we are going to add the yogurt We have to mix it properly We have to add 1 tbs turmeric powder 1 tbs mix spices powder 1 tsp corriander powder 1 tbs red chilli 3 to 4 tbsp tikka masala powder We will add 3 tbsp you can add it according to your taste And here we have 1/2 bowl of grinded mint leaves with 3 lemons squezzed in it We will add this in the big bowl And 1 tbsp garlic and ginger paste Now we will mix it well

The masala for the steam roast is ready After mixing it, we will apply it on the meat Now the masala is mixed well It is ready to be put on the meat We have to spread the masala on the meat

And we will spread it with our hand So that the masala is put on all the parts of the meat Now we will put it on all the pieces one by one The masala has been put on the meat After that we have to put a plastic wrap on it

Now we will put it in the fridge for 12 hours We have to take it out of the fridge and keep it out for 1 hour so that it is room temprature Then we will steam it We have kept it in the fridge for 12 hours Now it has been marinated Now we will steam it

First we will spread some oil on the tray Next we will put some aluminum foil ; We have to add some ghee on the foil Now we will add butter paper It is optional

We have 4 potatoes We will put it inside the tray With the help of some foil we have to cover it Now lets put the foil on the tray We have covered it nicely Now place the tray in the oven for 60 -40 mins Till the time it steams till that time we will make masala rice

I tsp cumin seeds 2 cups of washed rice I have kept the rice in water for half an hour 4 glasses of water First of all We will make the 1/4 cup of hot oil When the oil becomes hot add the onions in the pot

And we will wait for the chopped onions to become brown After making the onions brown we will add 1 tsp salt I have added the salt with the ginger and garlic paste Next we have to add 1 tsp black pepper powder 1 tsp cumin seeds Now add 1 tsp dry corriander and bay leaf We will just add some water

When the ingredients are well mixed we will add tomatoes Now lets add 1 chopped tomato, and cook it on low flame for 2-3 minutes after covering it After 2-3 minutes of cooking it looks like this The tomatoes have been mixed properly Now we will add mint leaves, half a bowl

We will add 1/2 tbsp of cashew in it You can add any type of dry fruits in this it is optional Next add 1 tbsp of biryani masala The smell of the rice will be good at so will the taste So now lets mix the masala well

After mixing it we will add some water Let's add 4 glasses of water in it And we will wait for it to boil The water is boiled now lets add 2 glasses of basmati rice in it I had soaked the rice in water so that it is clean and now I have taken out the water from the rice now lets add it

The water from the rice has been dryed Now add 1/4 tsp of food coloring food coloring yellow color You can add food coloring so it looks good when it is served Now cover and cook it on low flame for ten mins

40 minutes have passed now lets take out the tray and have a look at the steam roast Now you can see that it is almost cooked Now we have to remove the foil and put it in the oven for 30- 40 minutes So that the meat is well cooked And also so that the masala is absorbed by the meat

30 minutes have been passed now lets Now we will take out the tray and see whether the meat is cooked or not Now you can see that the meat has turned brown now lets take a piece of and check whether it is cooked from the inside Now you can see that it is cooked and ready to be served It is really soft Now lets serve it

The rice are also ready I have made some salad for this Let's garnish our recipe Let's add the rice These are not spicy

It has medium taste You will surely enjoy this recipe Especially with mutton steam roast Don't get to subscribe and click the bell icon Now lets ad the meat on top of the rice

You can eat this with chapati Ok viewers our delicious muton steam roast is ready to be served I hope you enjoy this recipe Try this recipe and comment below about your experience Bye

See you in the next video

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