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How to Cook on the Beach Without a Grill or Fire Pit — You Can Do This!



– Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to You Can Do This, and to our new kitchen, the beach Why are we here at the beach is because you need to go to the beach, but you also want to eat at the beach

And we're here to slightly over-complicate that for you We're gonna sous-vide some salmon, some starch, and some vegetables An entire, complete meal, with no electricity Just one of these, a heat bag I know you're thinking, why would I want salmon and vegetables and couscous at the beach? Why wouldn't you? It's a complete meal

At the end of the day, when the temperatures start dropping, the sun starts going away, you put on your hoodie, and you're like, you know what? Maybe something nice and warm would be nice, instead of my fruit bucket that I bought at the grocery store This is for you You've probably seen people around the internet sous-viding in coolers, right? You can use coolers, the coolers keep the temperature very hot the entire time, it keeps it even Water itself is also great at containing its own heat, so when you put it in the cooler, it rides a singular temperature But who wants to bring a cooler of boiling hot water to the beach? Nobody, right? So what can we do? Thermos

Same thing, it's actually a little bit better at containing heat We just filled the thermos up before we left the house This is gonna hold all day This is a great containment All we have to do is find a way to stabilize it so it doesn't cool down

This is why we have this bag right here This bag keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold It acts just kind of like a thermos, except it's not hard walled, right? Which means it's probably not as effective, but it's gonna be effective enough so we can do what we need to do So all you're gonna need is high heat bags, just like so I'm gonna drop my salmon in

Let's do skinless salmon Let's do a little bit of butter, and a small slice of lemon And listen, I'm doing this on the beach, but honestly, you could do this even before you left the house A little bit of pepper, a little bit of salt, just like so I'm gonna set this aside, 'cause we're gonna vacuum all this stuff together, I'm gonna show you how to do it

Next up, asparagus Why am I choosing asparagus? Because asparagus is a quick-cook vegetable, you know what I mean? List, like, this will retain heat, but it's not magic, right? We have to think into the property of heat containment that we have, so it's not like I'm gonna be like, I'm going to do a baked potato No, quick cook ingredients Put another little thing of butter in there, why not? A little pepper, and a little salt, just like so I'm gonna seal that up

In here I have some couscous, right? Couscous is maybe like a one to one, sometimes people like to do two to one We are actually gonna just add the hot water in this bag, with a little bit of seasonings, and throw it in, and it's gonna keep warm, and it's gonna puff while it's in the bag So we're gonna have a complete meal Now, what we're gonna do is we've got to find some sort of displacement for this So, you can use some ocean water and a bowl, and dip it down there

Or, something else that's kind of liquidy, the sand I'm gonna use the sand to displace the air in the bag, slightly put pressure, and move it You've got a beach vacuum seal, just like that Obviously you're not gonna be eating what's on the outside of the bag I know you're gonna be like, that's sand, that's gonna be in my mouth

You're not gonna eat it, it's all contained Again, just like so We're gonna use the sand to displace the air in the bag Just like so, lightly push on it We've got a little vacuum seal

We have our water that's still, whew! Very hot from this morning We're just gonna simply put it in there Just eyeball it, a little bit of a measure, like so A little bit of water That's gonna puff up, that's gonna be ready in a bout 10 minutes or so

And now we're gonna place everything in this large bag If you want to see this, I'm lining up everything in the bottom of the bag, right? That's where I want it to be I want it to be sitting on the bottom, in a nice even line all the way across the bottom here, because that's where the majority of water's gonna be sitting All I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the rest of this guy, pour it in like so We're also gonna use the same technique in the sand

Dig a little hole, gonna set that in there, just like that, all our water sitting on the bottom, and then we're gonna kind of displace any extra air that we have in the bag And I can peek in here, I can see the waterline, I know where it's gonna be Make a little barrier in the back so I know it's sitting upright So all that water in there is surrounding all the stuff in I'm using sand to keep everything down, I'm using sand to push all the oxygen out, so I make sure I have water contact on each little bit, so nothing is floating up top

And the water line is coming right above the bag I still have a little bit of water up here, but I know since I lined everything at the bottom of the bag all the stuff is sitting down here So I'm gonna use the sand as a containment to help contain heat a little bit, to create a little bit of insulation, but I'm also using it to weight everything down so I'm making sure everything's immersed in water Why am I doing that? It's to keep it kind of food safe, right? You don't want a salmon that's like half raw, half cooked And you're gonna sit there and your gonna leave it, about 30 minutes

You could even leave it longer if you wanted to Because that water is gonna stay at a consistent temperature It's gonna take a long time to drop down Sun came out, beautiful Now, we're gonna pull our little bag of treats

Come back here Look how easy that is! So hey, anyone hungry? How about some poached salmon? There's our couscous, that we're just gonna fluff like so And, our asparagus Let's plate it up So I'm just gonna squeeze that out of the bag, just like so

Fully cooked thorough Our asparagus goes on the plate like so We're gonna serve that right on the plate Gonna put this bag inside out That, ladies and gentlemen, is an entire meal, cooked in the sand! (laughing) This (beep) is fun! I mean, come on

Yeah, let's just Couscous is fully cooked, the asparagus is buttery, delicious The salmon, lemony, (laughing) it's a beach meal! Look at that! I mean, that's really hard to complain about, tough

I mean, there you go Do this all at home, bring a thermos full of boiling water, bury it in the sand, and you've got yourself a nice warm meal when the sun starts to set, and the beach starts to cool down, and you're good to go For more videos that (beep) are just fun, click here Let's do it All right, fry down, fry down, fry down! Keep that oil hot

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