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How to cook Pasta with white Sauce unbeatable/how to cook pasta with English subtitles



Hello and welcome to our Channel Today viewers we are making special Ramzan dish Pasta With white sauce which is Italian recioev Ist half fry vegetables Take and Karahi and put 2tbs oil and put capsicum cabbage Half fry them We have take 1/2 kg chicken We marinated in two tbs garlic ginger paste with soya sauce For 15 minutes Our vegetables are ready and we fried them Take out the vegetables from pan We are sharing pasta recipe with you today We put 1/2 cup green peas One medium size tomoto and two green chillies Fry two minutes and than put chicken If you like you can put 1tbs extra oil For us it's enough because we will put latter butter in it Now our chicken is ready We will mix our fried vegetables in it At this stage you may mix 1tbs salt and 1 tbs black pepper We melt butter in pan and put 1 tbs salt as well Also put 1bs flour in it Now mix half cup milk in it Put 1 tbs salt and oregano in it and mix it If sauce is little thick mix little milk in it We put chader cheez in it On other side our vegetables are ready We take 1 packet of pasta and boil it earlier Now we put pasta in our mixtures And we put white sauce which we ready as well Put on low flame and steam it 15 minutes Oh yummy It's ready look yummy Thanks for watching our channel

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New Cookery Recipes
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