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How to Cook Pecan-Crusted Salmon with Orange Ginger Glaze over Collards | Stacy Lyn Harris



Hey y'all, I'm Stacy Lyn and welcome to my kitchen Today I'm gonna be making skillet pecan crusted salmon with an orange ginger glaze served on southern sauteed collars I'm gonna start by making the orange ginger glaze

The first thing I'm gonna add is a little bit of soy sauce I'm just gonna add everything right to the pan before I even turn it on You can just mix it all together Nothing has to go in first second third fourth, whatever Now I'm gonna put a little bit of orange zest right into the pan You don't want to get too deep because it's going to get really bitter on you and You know, I don't have to measure this out If you're looking for an exact recipe Then go to my website at gameandgardencom and I'll have it posted for you But to me, the fun of cooking is just looking at it and seeing what it needs tasting it seeing Just using your senses to cook Okay, so I'm gonna do that You can always add more later if you want to I'm gonna add a little bit of ginger This is fresh ginger

There's just nothing like fresh ginger So if you have powdered you can use it, but it's much better with fresh Next is my secret ingredient, which is cane syrup You're gonna love it Allegan has the best cane syrup around I sprayed this measuring cup with a little bit of pam before I did this so that I could get all of that goodness right into the pot but I'm gonna add even more I just love this stuff Okay, that's gonna just that's gonna make this thing sing it's gonna be amazing along with that orange zest and ginger Okay, I'm gonna add a little bit of cornstarch That's just going to help it get a little bit thick I'm not adding too much because you don't want a paste Okay, and then I'm gonna squeeze an entire orange into the sauce I'm gonna add a little bit of garlic and you know, it doesn't have to be just so precise Just cut it Chop it into little bitty Tiny pieces cooking so much more fun when you just you don't make it too difficult and You just do what you love Just pound on this just a tiny tad and cut it and in it goes Okay And actually the I find that the bigger that the garlic is the more The less bitter it becomes and the more sweet it is it's really interesting Okay, so I'm gonna bring that to a boil and then I'm gonna lower it to a simmer Okay, so get those ingredients stirred really well When it comes to a boil, turn it down to a simmer and let it go until it thickens now I'm about to make my fresh collards now

If you don't grow collards, you really need to start growing collards They're so easy to grow and so easy to pick The thing is most people in the south that I know don't like to Grow them because they have to bring them in and wash them and they have to get all the dirt off I have a video for you on how to pick these with the minimal amount of dirt but anyway back to cooking and I have a cast iron skillet, but you can use any skillet and I'm gonna put a little bit of olive oil into the pan Let it be getting hot and a little bit of another secret weapon of a southerner and I think used Within reason, it's okay, and it's a little bit of bacon grease But any real southerner is gonna want a little bacon grease seasoning is what they call it Just seasoning into their pan Okay, so I'm going to go ahead throw these Onions, this is about one small onion or a half of a giant onion So it kind of depends and again, you know, just do what you like All right, so I'm gonna go ahead put that in there and let that sweat add two cloves of garlic If you can't tell I really love my garlic So if you're not a big huge garlic fan Don't put it in there It's all about What you like Okay So sprinkle that over here, by the way, your orange ginger glaze is probably done It only takes about less than five minutes to get done

So I'm gonna turn that off All right back to the collards you're just gonna stack these up and I've never packed a cigar roll So I really don't know what that's like, but people have explained it that way before you just put all of these on top of each other and a beautiful little bouquet Beautiful as a bouquet Anyway, put these all together and then you're gonna roll it up like you're rolling up a cigar Okay, so I'm just gonna roll them really really tight and We're gonna cut Across into strips The thinner you cut them the faster they're gonna cook and southerners tend to really overcook their greens, which I like I really do but This particular dish since I'm pretending that this is my starch my noodles I want them be a little bit, have a little bit of a bite Okay, so all I'm doing it is just putting them right down in the pan I'm gonna add a little bit of salt at this point And a little bit more salt Because I love salt Okay and stir this up just a little bit get it down in the pan

Okay Collards and greens are my best friend during the winter months when I don't get as much exercise So I try to replace Three of my starches a week at least Like normally you could serve this over potatoes or or sweet potatoes or rice And it would be fantastic and be a little bit meatier and I do that for the kids But for me and my husband and anybody else and and you know what's inevitable is all the kids want this instead of the other so You're just gonna have to grow some collards So you can just walk out the back door Get the collards come inside and cook them and really you could just have that as a meal Be really good Now for the pecan-crusted salmon It's so simple just grind pecans pepper panko parsley and salt it's that easy Put your crust right into a shallow dish and then press Salmon Right in The salmon is going to be so delicious with that sauce It's just gonna be killer Okay, so try to get it all over as thick as you can This is about a six ounce four to six ounce piece of meat for a great presentation You could do an entire Big huge salmon fillet like this just you know, the whole thing It would be absolutely gorgeous Okay, now for the last part of this dish it's going to be fabulous a little bit of olive oil And a little bit of butter the butter will help this to brown and the olive oil will not burn So I'm and the butter gives it a little bit of flavor Okay, so make sure you've coated the bottom of the pan really great I'm gonna put this flesh side down into the pan And I love hearing that sizzle you know that your pan is hot enough when you get to hear that sizzle

You let this go for about two minutes and then Turn it over Then I'm gonna cook it all right here on the so top, but you can Brown it turn it over and put it straight into a 200-300 degree oven and let it go for about 5-6 minutes and You know until it's a nice and flaky and delicious So I'm gonna let that go for another minute I think we're about ready to plate This is gonna be amazing Then for the sauce orange ginger sweet lusciousness Look at that that is gonna be so good So that's the pecan crusted salmon for this recipe and others like it go to my website gameandgardencom I'm Stacy Lyn

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