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How To Cook Perfect Basmati Rice Every Time In A Pot| Easy Recipe | Learn Indian Cooking



Today's recipe: Steamed Basmati Rice Learning how to cook the perfect grain of rice is one of the basic in an Indian kitchen Simple as it may sound you just can’t nail it right without a few tips and tricks

So here you go I am going to show you how to cook perfect rice in a pot Prepare the Rice first Quality of rice is very important I am using aged Basmati over here Actually, the rice needs to be aged at least for two years This is very important, specially for cooking steamed rice or biriyani

You need a good quality of aged Basmati rice The age of the rice always written on the packet of the rice So you can check it before buying it any rice in any store, anywhere in the world So I am taking one cup of rice first wash it perfectly with water and then we will soak it in water for at least half an hour

Let’s cook the rice now In this method we will cook the rice in a pot and will drain out the excess water So, for that I’m going to start with boiling some water I am going to boil 5 cups of water over here In this stage few people add salt also, so that it will help the rice to cook faster and flavor it a little bit But it completely optional

In my house we don’t add salt In this method you need to be very precise about the quantity of the water as far as enough for the rice to boil Because we are going to drain out all the excess water But in other methods proportion of rice & water is very important The water is now starting to boil and now I am going to add the soaked rice

Drain out all the water from the soaked rice to get rid of the excess starch I have added one cup of soaked rice into this water and give it a light stir and let this boil for six two seven minutes One more trick, when you are cooking the Basmati rice in a pot then don’t cover the pot with a lid, because it will make your Basmati rice Mushy So, six minutes are over, and I am going to check on the riceJust press it between your fingers and if it completely flattened that means the rice is cooked

It needs to be 80% cooked and now it’s time to drain out all the water After this with a ladle fluff the rice and cover it Now the last trick for a perfect fluffy Basmati rice place the pot on the hot stove top for about 6 to 7 mins Don’t switch on the gas So here is the rice ready

So this is the simplest and easiest way of cooking the rice in a pot I hope now you will not afraid of cooking rice in a pot Share your thoughts and comments with me and don’t forget to subscribe this channel See you next time

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