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How to Cook Perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs


[UltraVid id=117 ]welcome to Amy learns to cook on the show today we’re gonna make scrambled eggs now I know what you’re saying scrambled eggs I’ve been making scrambled eggs my entire life well I have a few tips and tricks for you that will take your scrambled eggs over the top now this video is dedicated to my good friend Charlie thanks for the suggestion Charlie and I really appreciate your support and your subscription so let’s make scrambled eggs [Music] okay so the first thing we’re going to do is crack six eggs into this bowl and we’re going to be feeding three people with this but make some breakfast burritos out of this so we’re going to go ahead and crack our eggs make sure you don’t get it any shells in it and we’re just gonna beat these really good now you want to beat them till they’re fully beaten because sometimes they don’t beat them enough and then when you cook it you have a lot of white and yolk and they’re separate so you really want to make sure if you beat them up really good so the white and the yolk is thoroughly incorporated okay now it’s time to cook them how do you cook your scrambled eggs will really dictate how they come out at the end so my problem in the past is I love salsa so I would take my scrambled eggs and I would put salsa in it and then I would cook it and what happens is is it’s way too watery it takes too long to cook and they come out gray and muddy looking so the best thing to do is to cook your scrambled eggs in a low temperature pan by themselves and whatever you’re going to want to put with it put it on top don’t put it inside here because you’re just going to end up with eggs that aren’t yellow and fluffy looking so we have the pan on probably a three and a half and we’re gonna put a little bit of butter in here it is a nonstick pan but we want the flavor of the butter in with our eggs and one of the keys to really good scrambled eggs is to cook them really low and the way you stir them really will create fluffy eggs if you over stir your eggs will just look flat so I’ll show you what I mean so we’re going to take our beaten eggs and we’re going to put them in the pan and put them in here slowly now my first instinct is to start scrambling them right but all that does is result in a bunch of curds that are all broken up and that’s why you get that flat look to them what you want to do is you want them to start cooking and as they’re cooking you’re going to draw up the cook part of the eggs towards the middle and you’re going to turn the pan and let the liquid go to the side and that cooks and watch what happens they come out really really fluffy looking so we’re just going to let this set up we have it on low heat and we’re just going to let it set up really slowly okay so now if you can see this the curds are starting to develop so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to take our spatula and we’re going to pull them in like this and what happens is the cooked egg is going to move in and the liquid egg is going to move out and these are going to result in a fluffy look to our eggs and when the Kurds start setting up they start setting up pretty quickly so you just keep pulling them away as they cook and you let the liquid take the spot of the cooked egg so fold them over on itself a little bit to cook the interior of the egg but you don’t want to stir it too much because it’s just going to break them up and they’re going to look flat now what you want to do is you want to avoid cooking them too much and they’re browning because they’re just tough that way so just fold them over on yourself just like this and you will get nice beautiful fluffy eggs you want to take them out of the pan just prior to them being totally cooked because they will cook a little bit on the plate to the plate just like that and we’re gonna give it a little bit of salt and a little grind of pepper um if you don’t want black specks in it use some white pepper I don’t mind that so I’m gonna give them just a little grind of pepper and now we can take a taste okay so let’s take a taste I put a little bit of salsa on the side because I like the flavor of salsa hmm it’s really really good these are not my scrambled eggs from days gone by that they’re flat they’re gray looking they’re watery these are fluffy and they’re the salt and pepper is great the salsa is a great addition they’re not overcooked they’re soft they’re fluffy they’re perfect if you liked this recipe please try it out and give me a comment below and visit my website and Amie learns to cook calm and don’t forget to subscribe because there’s more videos on the way we’re also on twitter at slash ami learns to cook I would say these gramma leaves are pretty good they’re not rubbery and they definitely look pretty and all that so I’ve killed my thumbs up well after two or three minutes they still taste good [Music]

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